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Sea Crescent

Sea Crescent
Sea Crescent is curious.

Kind Element Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Element of Water, Guardian of Water
Eyes Light Yellow
Mane Blue-gray with Indigo stripes
Coat Light gray
Nicknames Sea, Crescent, The Guardian, A Guardian, An Element Pony, Mizu(水)
Relatives Daydream Light (sister)
Fierce Flame (brother)
Cutie mark
A waterdrop with a crescent, and sparkles around it.
 Sea Crescent (also known as "Mizu") is an element pony from a faraway land. She represents the element of Water, and she guards it, she is also one of the guardians of the Elements of the Earth. But usually, she guards the seas and the oceans.


Sea Crystal is tough and rough. She plays hard games and she always gets what she wants. But thats not all, Sea was also very friendly, and very kind. She has problems in her life but doesn't know how to erase that problems away, but, she gets help from her siblings.

Because of being the youngest of the family, Sea is happy going and funny filly that time. After her mother and her father separated and died, Sea became unhappy and chose to be sad for the rest of her life, until she knew that her siblings are still alive, Sea became to her old self again.



Sea wasn't from a guardian's tummy, but just an ordinary pony. Sea's birthday was on July 15.

Being a Guardian

She usually guards the seas and the oceans. That's why her Element represents Water, but sometimes, Sea doesn't take her job seriously so there are some negative events happen, like pollution.

If somepony needs her help (but it needs to be related to "water"), her necklace will glow.


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  • She is the first element pony that the owner ever made.
  • Sometimes, this pony pops up in Astral's dreams.
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