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Seatao is a shadow pony that lives on Aniju Aura's left arm and is a member of Ivory.


Seatao Alicorn
In Equestria

Seatao EG
In Canterlot High

Kind Varies
Sex Hermaphrodite (Appears male)
Eyes Yellow
Mane Black
Coat Black
Owner Aniju Aura


Seatao is a shadowy figure who can transform his shape into anyone's shadow. He had dark skin or fur and yellow glowing eyes. Seatao feeds off of fear and nightmares. Because he is a shadow, he is difficult to harm, his only weakness is light. He can take the form of any pony or creature. His voice sounds like a whisper. In Equestria Girls, Seatao only wears a scarf, much like Aniju, and has a jacket, however it appears to be apart of him. The rest of his body is featureless. Seatao will also take on the form of a giant serpentine creature with six front legs and two hind legs, and a frill like a cobra in red on his neck. He likes to wrap himself around Aniju in her rare moments of sleep.

Seatao is very passive and doesn't like to get involved in Aniju's affairs. He is very slow to anger but is protective of his host. Seatao is not evil, yet he also does not consider himself good, despite his kind acts and what Aniju says. He feeds off of others fears somethings to ease their pain and make them breaver. Seatao says phobias varies in taste, a the fear of being alone or losing someone taste the worse. He likes the taste of Aniju's fear of spiders.

Seatao is technically genderless, however he takes on a male form. Seatao lacks a Cutie Mark, because he is not a pony. If asked about it, he says its a shadow and it is the same color as he is, making it difficult to see. Sometimes he opens eyes on his flank to he can freak ponies out. He has a sense of humor.


Seatao met Aniju sometime ago and had been traveling around with her, acting as her left arm when she became wounded.

Seatao travels to Canterlot High along with Dante and Ernesto. There he encounters Chocolate Chip and her friends.


Pictures of Seatao.


  • Seatao is named after a male tiger from the show Living with Tigers.
  • In human form, Seatao resembled Pitch Black from the Rise of the Guardians series. However Seatao was recreated before the release of the movie.
  • If Davey is the Sun of Aniju's world, Seatao is the Night that eases her mind from worries.
  • Seatao frequently takes the form of a bird so while in Equestria he resembles a dark Phoenix.