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Selena,the princess of Breezies
Selena the breezie princess
Kind Breezie
Sex Female
Occupation princess of Breezies(former)

Traveling Pal of Gentil Lumineux

Eyes Green
Mane Rainbow
Coat Pink
Nicknames Sela


Your highness

Relatives Gentil Lumineux(Best Pal)

King and Queen of Breezies(parents)

Special Talent Live in the wild even though she's as fragile as other breezies
Residence Where Gentil Lumineux lives,For now in Ponyville
Cutie mark

(It's a Mystery)

Voice ???
Owner user: Yannickl

Selena is the princess of Breezies,however she likes adventures more than her title.


So I did pass a wonderful time here,now I will leave for some days or months,since it's time for the vacations!I hope you like this,a better version of Selena,thanks for your love and support of hand paintings!

A Brave Princess who loves adventures[]

Raised in the royal family,Selena had every thing a girl can ever imagine,jewels,beautiful dresses...But Selena is very different.She is brave, since she was very young.She had lots of stories to tell even before she met Gentil Lumineux.

One day of destination,she left her home in order to see the world outside.At the begining,it was very hard,but then she somehow found a way to survive and even live safely in the wild.This special talent made her want even more adventures.That's when she met Gentil Lumineux,another travelor and adventurer.Then They together had several epic adventures.It's said that they even defeated the evilest darkness one day...

Relationship with Gentil Lumineux[]

Gentil Luminuex and his pal

Best Pal Forever

Sela is a very kind and the best pal in the world,she can always give good useful advises to Genti Lumineux in their trips.

Her parents[]

No pony knows more about her parents except that they are the king and the queen of the Breezies.But it's said that at first they were very worried about thier daughter,but then their worries do not persist any more,instead,they are now very proud of her .

the cottage of Selena[]

She lives in a dreamy Greece-styled cottage on a soft cloud up in the sky.She really likes the view up there,and 

Cottage of Selena

Cottage of Selena the princess of the breezies.I hope you like it,I tried to make it as dreamy as possible

its moon-like entry.And by the way,the cloud can take her anywhere.

About hand crafted art[]

I see so many digital arts on the net,I really enourage you to draw by your own hand or finger,from drawing to coloring all by hand.even though you can't draw very well.Please read my article to know more about why