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Shadow Element Pony
Senka, The Shadow Element

Senka EVil
Senka When Joining Void

Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation The Shadow Element Pony

Sofas and Quills Delivery Pony (Formally)

Eyes Moderate Rose
Mane Very Dark Gray and Light Brilliant Spring Bud
Coat Medium Gray
"Well, well, well. If it isn't my friends."
-Senka when she met her friends after her betrayal

Senka is a female Earth Pony who wields the shadow element.



Senka was born in to a family of 2 other ponies, and she was the youngest. She grew up in Ponyville and attended school there until she graduated. After that her parents made her take a job and the "Quills and Sofas" much to her dismay. Mr. Davenport, the owner of the shop found Senka to be very resourcful and a good worker.

Gaining Her Shadow Ability[]

Mr. Davenport sends Senka to drop of some quills to Zecora in The Everfree Forest. While walking in the Forest, Senka falls down a hole and lands in a room. As she looks for a way out, she finds a piece of paper ripped out of The Book of Spells with the shadow spell on it. Unknowing of the contences on the paper, she reads the spell, thus Shadow her guide appears. Shadow leads Senka out of the hole and to Zecora's house. Senka drops off the quills and when returning to Ponyville, meets Galaxy Star and Delightful Sunshine.

Betraying her friends[]

Senka is the rumored pony in the prophecy that is in the book of Spells who will "turn their back against the six others and will go with the Void to help him bring chaos and darkness into the world". Senka eventually got sick and tired being an elementalist who is trying to protect The Book of Spells from Void and helps Void to achieve his goal instead.


Lori Thunderswirl von Hurricane[]


Galaxy Star[]


Marcie Summer []

Marcie and Senka has often fought, since Senka was thought of as the leader since she had the shadow element. When Senka leaves her friends, Marcie becomes even more angry.

Delightful Sunshine[]




Marine []





  • Senka is the Serbian word for Shadow