Serene Breeze

Name: Serene Breeze Race: Pegasus Age: Young Adult

Serenity Breeze Blaze is the Guardian of the Everfree Forest, a close friend of Captain Soda Pop, and the mate of Steampunk Tavi. His brother is Skyler Blaze. He is the original character of user:AircratterB.


Serene was born in Ponyville Hospital, a hair disorder causing his mane to come out as pure black. He grew up a rather normal childhood, occasionally escaping to the Everfree Forest for some childhood fun. He was often accompanied by his brother, Skyler Blaze, in his exploits. He grew up quickly, coming out as above average in all his courses, but never really landing a job.

At sometime before he was set to turn into a full-fledged adult, his mother died, his brother, being older than him, falling into a drunken rage. The day following, his brother, clouded by alcohol, assaulted his brother, leaving a rather nasty hole in his left wing. (not present on picture). His brother ran away, leaving the adolescent Serene alone, dazed, confused. He acquired treatment for the wing, and a few days later, ran into the forest in anger, eventually finding his way to the caves.

Inside the caves he became lost, and a day passed, he started suffering from lack of light, his body refusing to do much, dehydration and hunger getting to him in the next few days. He screamed, and screamed for help, but no one heard him. A shield blocked the inner-most of the cave, something only a alicorn could cast. Serene sat there, banging on it for hours, screaming for help. The shield opened itself for him, and then he met The Lady of The Everfree Forest (but that's a story for another time.). He was revealed the secret of the forest, and the power of it, eventually coming to a choice. Become the protector of the forest, or have his mind erased, like he never saw any of it. He accepted the responsibility, finally having a meaning in his life, for four years, keeping a constant watch over his forest.

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