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Shade Shatter
Malice Given Flesh


Shade Shatter





Cutie Mark

A black mass that appears to move if looked at


Whatever he wants

  • Current look. the tape is a joke from Ponychan's /OAT/
  • The face of the creator who had appeared and left Equestria (another original creation)


Shade Shatter is a rather fearsome and large Stallion who has a coat with a bright orange color, and a weird red stripe running down both his front and legs. He has no mane to speak of, but he has a think black shaggy...something around his neck. Black spike-like stripes line his back, and his tail is just as weird as his neck shag.

His horn, despite its' thin and weak looking statue, houses a lot of power to it.


Shade Shatter's past is relatively unknown.

What IS known, however, is he had appeared in Equestria when another being similar to his colors and shape left the land. It is rumored that, the creature that had left Equestria had also left behind enough of his essence to shape and create a new being in his wake.

Who that creature was, what they were capable of, or what their name even was, remained a complete and utter mystery.

Not even Shade Shatter knows how he was born, where, when, or why.

Other Info

His personality works on several levels.

On one hand, he can be a sophisticated and refined sort, speaking with etiquete and respect. On the other, he is a sadistic and fearsome stallion who is fully capable of sewing seeds of chaos and anarchy and thrives on pain and suffering.

On one hand, he fears nopony, and will always shoot insults and be an overall bully and a jerk. On the other hand, if a pony proves to him they aren't afraid, are physically strong physically or mentally, or are just as bad as him, he may rshow a liking and become a friend.

Also, the tape on his flank is part of a small joke on Ponychan's /oat/ page. It's hiding John Freeman. (THANKS I COULD HELP BRO)

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