Regular Shardla

Crystal Shardla
Crystal Shardla

Kind Crystal Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Artist
Eyes Luminous Vivid Persian Blue
Mane Regular:
Moderate Red
Light Pink
Light Brilliant Red
Pale Pink
Coat Regular:
Light Gray
Medium Gray
Cutie mark
Carved crystal shard
Carved Crystal Shard
Voice Danielle Harris
Owner User:Otherside86
Shardla is one of Shrove Ash's friends. She is the second pony who represents the element of generosity.


Shardla is a Crystal Pony, born in the Crystal Empire years after My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

She became one of the eight ponies under the employ of Princess Luna. She can take pieces of gems and crystals of any size and shape, and cut them into works of art.

Shardla may seem extremely moody and emotionally distant, but she eventually warms up to anypony. Like all Crystal Ponies, her coat turns bright and "crystally" whenever her spirit is lifted. This happens to be a rare occasion for Shardla.

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