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"Sheep Wreckers" is the seventh episode of the My Little Pony meets Looney Tunes Mini-Series.


After Applejack installs a crazy contraption meant for some sheep handlers, she doesn't notice that the two sheep handlers are none other than Sam Sheepdog and Ralph E. Wolf. But will it be a normal day for Sam and Ralph? Or will Applejack stand in for Sam when he suddenly walks off? And how will she figure out that she was hornswoggled when she realizes that Sam and Ralph are co-workers?


Sheep Caretakers' Call[]

At Sweet Apple Acres, Granny Smith, Big Mac and Apple Bloom are packin' up for a road trip to a country fair in Appleoosa tomorrow. As the ponies pack up, Granny Smith wonders where Applejack could be. Apple Bloom recaps what had happened last time involving a big rooster, a dog and a little chicken hawk. Luckily, Fluttershy was able to convince the chicken hawk that her friends were not chickens and that he had been tricked. But he was instantly banished the very moment the ponies were set free.

At that moment, Applejack arrives back at the farm and demands to know where that rooster and dog are. But Granny Smith informs her that they left the farm long before she came back. Angry at this, she vows that the next time some looney tuney varmints set foot on her farm, she'll buck 'em full of buckshot!

Just then, Derpy arrives with an important message and another package for Applejack. When Applejack reads the message, she is informed by a congratulatory message that her sheep field has been randomly selected to be tended by sheep caretaker specialists by name of Ralph and Sam. But first, before they arrive, she must first set some things up:

1.) Build the Punch-in Clock Kit necessary for the caretakers to punch in and out.

2.) Place in signs for the retrospective positions of Sheep Watcher and Sheep Handler.

3.) Leave the farm while the Sheep Caretakers do their jobs.

Applejack, while being a bit skeptical at first, learns from Granny Smith that since they will be going to a Country Fair in Appleoosa, they might as well let some professional sheep caretakers do their job for a while.

So, while being a bit neglectful, Applejack sets out to set everything up for the sheep caretakers. She builds the punch-in clock and sets it up on a tree. And then places signs for the sheep watcher (on the edge of a hill) and the sheep handler (at the bottom of a hill).

Having followed all of the instructions, the Apple Family rests up for the big road trip early in the morning.

And on that morning, the Apple Family sets off on their trip. But as they leave, Apple Bloom is worried about the sheep and wonders if the sheep caretakers will handle the wolves when they come for the sheep. But Appejack assures.

Applejack: "Apple Bloom, as far as ah can tell, we ain't got nothin' to worry about. Besides, the day that wolves sets foot on mah farm, will be the day when one of them works alongside a sheepdawg. And from what ah know, that'll nevah happen."

But what Applejack didn't know was about WHO the Sheep Caretakers were. And as they set off, the sun began to rise.

At sunrise...[]

As the sun slowly rose up into the sky, we see two figures walking up over the hill and heading directly for Sweet Apple Acres. Those two, figures, walking side-by-side, were a sheepdog and a wolf by the names of Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf.

Ralph: "So, this is Equestria. Nice place. A bit different than the place we work at."

Sam: "Ehhhhh, must be the layout and background designers. Don't look like Maurice or Phil's woik to me. Where were we supposed to go again, Ralph?"

Ralph: "Sweet Apple Acres. There's a sheep field not too far from there."

Soon enough, they arrive at Sweet Apple Acres where they see a sign pointing to the sheep field.

Ralph: "There's the farm. And I think the sheep field is right over that way."

Sam: "Wow. Whoever owns this farm sure does love apples."

Ralph: "Welp, work day isn't gonna start itself. I think we punch in over there."

Following the sign, Ralph and Sam walk up to the Punch-in Clock which was set up on a tree with a sign pointing to it saying: "Sheep Caretakers Punch-In Here". After Ralph and Sam punch in their time cards, they start heading towards their work areas.

Sam: "So, uh... where's... my spot?"

Ralph: "Well, from the looks of one of those signs, I go straight ahead to the line. Your spot my starting point. Your spot is right up that hill."

Sam lifts his hair to see a arrow sign saying: "SHEEP WATCHER SPOT UP AHEAD".

Sam: "Oh, yeah. Right up there. Thanks, Ralph."

Ralph: "No problem, Sam. I think you'll have a much better view than the one I got."

Sam: "Ok. And hey, Ralph? Good luck out there. Today might be your lucky day."

Ralph: "Knowing you, not if you have anything to say or do about it."

Sam: "Good point. Still, there's always a possibility."

Ralph: "We'll see."

And with that, Ralph and Sam got to their spots. Sam goes up to the edge of the hills cliff, counts all of the sheep and then sits down. While down below, Ralph approaches the starting line where a sign saying "SHEEP HANDLER LINE" where he prepares himself to grab a sheep. But not before checking his wrist watch for the time. Then Ralph looks over at the Punch-in clock. Sam, also checking his mobile phone's digital clock, also looks back at the Punch-in Time. Only a few seconds were left before the day's work begins.

And so, Ralph prepares himself to sprint toward the sheep. All he needed was for the work whistle to blow, indicating him to make a break for the sheep. And as the clock struck 8:00...


The work day has started and Ralph dashes off towards the sheep!

Ralph gets the Sheep?[]

Ralph makes a charge for the sheep, he grabs a sheep and tries to race back to his position. But as he does, on the cliff, Sam gets out a bottle of ACME Dish Liquid Soap (Guaranteed Slippery) and squirts the soap down to the ground where he makes a large puddle in front of the starting line. And just as Ralph was about to make it, he steps onto the puddle of dish liquid, causing him to start sliding around! He makes a U-turn at the sign on the farm and on his way back Sam snags the stolen sheep with a lasso. As for Ralph, as the Sheep was lassoed from him, Ralph starts slipping and tumbling across the field and then is sent sliding off a cliff from the first episode of the mini-series. However, he is sent a bit further, avoiding the river from below. And when Ralph realizes that he is not standing on any land, he suffers a fate similar to his cousin, Wile E. Coyote, being subjective to gravity as Ralph plunges down into the hard ground below.

Ralph's Attempt # 1 - Lasso From Underground[]

Realizing that Sam used a lasso to take back the sheep, Ralph decides to tunnel under the field and digging very small holes through the surface. This time, he creates the hole a safe distance away and surveys the area with a periscope. When he spots a sheep, he attempts to use a lasso to grab it. However, at that moment before Ralph tossed the lasso, Sam makes a swap by switching the real sheep with a fake one using a fake sheep head, fake sheep legs and for the body, a canister of TNT. And when Ralph lassoes the fake sheep, Sam lights the fuse to the canister. And as Ralph pulls back on the rope, he pulls the fake sheep into his hole before the TNT canister blows him up from underground. After the explosion, Ralph places the drum back where it was sitting before politely refilling his hole.

Ralph's Attempt #2 - Balloon with Anvil Drop[]

Ralph pushes an anvil tied to a balloon off an outcropping, and uses the string to guide both the balloon and anvil over Sam. Once the anvil is hovering right over Sam's head, Ralph pulls the string and drops the anvil. But as the anvil falls, Ralph suddenly notices that Sam isn't there. But he is right behind him. When Ralph looks behind him, instead of punching the wolf, Sam places the bull's-eye target over Ralph's head. And as a result: The anvil lands on Ralph right on the head, impaling him into the ground. After walking out of a tunnel. Ralph walks away with his entire body turned into an accordion from being whammed by the anvil.

Ralph's Attempt #3 - ACME Invisibility Spray[]

Hoping to steal a sheep undetected, Ralph uses a can of ACME Invisible Spray to make himself invisible. Once he becomes invisible, Ralph then sneaks off toward the Sheep Field and steals a sheep. But just as Ralph tries to sneak out of the field, Sam sprays Ralph with green paint from behind him, forces him to release the sheep and kicks the wolf out of the sheep field.

Ralph's Attempt #4 - Cannon[]

Ralph then tries to use a cannon to blast Sam away from a far away distance. Using the crosshairs, he aims the cannon right at Sam. With the cannon facing right at Sam, Ralph rushes to the back of the cannon and lights the fuse. But instead of firing the cannonball, the entire cannon, with Ralph on board, is fired backwards into a mountain wall. When Ralph steps out of the cannon, it fires another blast right into his face.

Ralph's Attempt #5 - ACME Guided Missile[]

Ralph orders in an ACME Guided Missile kit. He intends to use it to blast Sam Sheepdog to bits. After setting the Missile's Target Finder System to "SHEEP DOG" and turning on the indicator, Ralph points the missile to where Sam is standing as the missile starts buzzing and flying toward its target! While Ralph waits for the imminent explosion, he sits on a rock and reads a book labeled "1,000 Recipes for Cooking Lambs". As Ralph reads, he doesn't notice Sam Sheepdog putting an arrow sign labeled: "SHEEPDOG IN WOLF CLOTHING". Oddly enough, the Sam that was on the hill was just a dud. And before the guided missile could reach its target, it notices arrow signs labeled "SHEEPDOG" that were all lined up in a pathway leading to the sheepdog. As a result, the guided missile follows the signs as they it right back to Ralph, and since because Sam placed the sign that said "SHEEPDOG IN WOLF CLOTHING" right behind Ralph, the missile believed Ralph to be a sheepdog! And before Ralph could notice the strange buzzing noise approaching him from behind, the missile explodes on contact!


The Apple Family arrives at the train station, but before they get on the train, Applejack suddenly realizes that she forgot to get something back at Sweet Apple Acres, so taking Winona with her, Applejack tells the Family to head out to Appleoosa and she'll meet up with them on the next train.

Ralph's Attempt #6 - Tampered Dog Water[]

Ralph decides to try one more attempt. This time, using a bowl of dog water for Sam to drink. However, he puts in some special powder into the water and when he whistles for Sam to come over, he hides behind a tree as Sam drinks the water. After Sam gets done drinking, he goes back to his spot. Ralph, still hiding behind a tree, looks over at Sam and then looks at the box containing the special powder. The box, in reality was enabled, ACME Laxi-Powder (100% Fast-Acting Relief). And the instructions on the back of the box says: "Makes anyone go potty in 10 seconds flat."

As Ralph gets out a stopwatch to count the seconds, he watches Sam to see if the powder will work. After 10 seconds, Sam suddenly hears his stomach growling and churning. Realizing what it all means, he gets up and rushes to the nearest outhouse! With Sam going #2 for a good while, Ralph has his chance to get a sheep! And so, he proudly marches out to the sheep field, grabs a sheep and takes it back with him.

But on his way out, he doesn't see that Applejack has made it back to the farm. But before she could get to her barn, she suddenly sees someone trying to steal a sheep!

Applejack: "Hold it right thar, ya sheep-theivin' varmint!"

Ralph pokes his head around the sheep to see who had stopped him. And when Applejack takes a good look at the sheep thief, she thought it was Wile E. Coyote at first. But when she took a better look, she realizes by the colors of his fur and nose that it was not Wile E. Coyote at all, but a wolf!

Ralph drops the sheep and tries to make a break for it, but Applejack chases right after him and calls for Winona to help her!

Applejack: "Put 'em up, Winona!"

As both Applejack and Winona chase after Ralph, he soon runs up to a corner of a hillside! At first, Applejack and Winona had him cornered, but then Sam, who had recovered from his recent bowl syndrome, marched up angrily to Ralph and grabs him by the neck. Then lifting him up, Sam then raises a fist over his head and then raises the fist up high, ready to deliver a devistating blow to his noggin!

Applejack: "Attaboy, dawg! Show that durn wolf what happens when ya mess with the sheep!"

But just as Sam was about to deliver the fatal blow to Ralph's noggin...


...the punch-in clock's work whistle blew at 3 o'clock, indicating the work day is over.

Applejack: "What in tarnation?"

Sam having stopped his fist just inches from whamming onto Ralph's head, realizes something.

Sam: "Hey, Ralph! Open your eyes! You've been saved by the whistle! It's quittin' time!!!!!!!"

Ralph, breathing a sign of relief was saved from being whammed. But Applejack was dumbfounded.

Quitting Time!/Ending[]

Applejack: "What the? Quittin' Time?"

As Sam released Ralph, they turned to Applejack.

Sam: "Technically, we're off the clock now, lady"

Ralph: "But we do want to thank you for letting us tend to your sheep for the day."

Sam: "If you ever want to have your sheep taken care of, give us a call. Until then, have a nice day."

And with that, Ralph and Sam, who were revealed to be the sheep caretakers, headed for the punch-in clock to punch out. But as they did, Applejack began to realize something:

Applejack: "The wolf...and that sheepdawg... were workin' together?!"

It as then that Applejack receieved an important message in her head:


In anger, Applejack dashed off! Ralph and Sam on the other hand were concerned for Applejack.

Ralph: "What do you suppose got into her?"

Sam: "Beats me. But I'm not stickin' around to find out. Let's punch out and head outta here."

Ralph: "Good point."

And with that, Ralph and Sam punch out.

Ralph: "I will say this though, you almost had me there, Sam." (punches out first)

Sam: "Well, you can't win 'em all, Ralph. That's what you said." (punches out second)

Having punched out, Ralph and Sam make their leave.

Ralph: "It was a good day though, right, Sam?"

Sam: "Yep. Maybe it's my friendship senses kickin' in, but I guess the saying is true: Friendship IS Magic."

And as the scene irises out to a close, so does Episode #...


What the-?! The cartoon doesn't end here! Somebody blasted the punch-in clock to broken bits and bobs!

Sam: "Uhhhhh... another one of your tricks, Ralph?"

Ralph: "Uhhhhhh, No? I didn't rig that thing to explode. Though it would have been a good idea."

Sam: "Well, if that wasn't you then... who was it?"

Ralph and Sam learned that the punch-in clock was indeed blasted. But not my rigged-explosives, but by a gunshot. They loked over to see and Angry Applejack holdin' onto Elmer's rifle which had been recently fired upon not a moment ago.

Applejack: "Get offa my land, ya side-windin', two-timin', flim-flammin', sheep-rustlin' conners!" (cocks gun)

Sam: "Uh-oh... This is a first for us, Ralph."

Ralph: "Yeah. We've never encountered a situation like this before."

Sam: "Do you remember what to do in a predicament like this?"

Ralph: "Yeah, sure. Same thing from the seminar: In the event the farmer doesn't has negative influences upon the caretakers, initiate response in the most traditional way of all."

Sam: "You ready?"

Ralph: "Whenever you are."

Applejack: "Anythin' you two wanna say before ah blasts ya tah smitereenies?!"

Sam: "As a matter of fact we do, lady. And we'll happy to say it."

Applejack: "Well, SAY IT THEN!"

Sam and Ralph look at each other, then nodded. And then... taking a breath...

Ralph: (blows horn into Applejack's right ear) *plays fanfare introduction to William Tell Overture*

Sam: (blows horn into Applejack's left ear) *also plays fanfare introduction to William Tell Overture*

Then Ralph and Sam use giant drumsticks to hit Applejack on the head like a drum as they play along the beat to the fanfare introduction to William Tell Overture!

After hitting her enough times, Ralph and Sam make a break for it! But Applejack, angry at their assault, does he only thing she can do:

Applejack: (puts a hoof to her lips) "WINONA!!!!!!!!!!"

Winona shows up.

Applejack: "Winona, I know you've always been a good farm dawg. But for once, I need ya'll to put yer skills to the test when ah says... We're-a huntin' two-timin' wolves and traitorous sheep-dawgs!"

Winona then makes a "Call of the Wild"-like howl and starts step-dancing in place to the tune of the "William Tell Overture" for a moment before Applejack calls her:

Applejack: "Giddy-yap!"

Applejack and Winona then start chasing after Ralph and Sam as Applejack blasts her shotgun away at the two animals while Winona barks at them from behind!

Ralph: "Well, Sam, I'd say this is a first for you!"

Sam: "What do you mean?"

Ralph: "Well, you're always chasing me away from the sheep! But from the looks of how things turned out, now it looks like WE'RE being chased away from both the sheep and farm!"

Sam: "I'll reprimand you for that logical statement later, Ralph! But for right now, I think we should take an early leave of work and head out on that vacation!"

Ralph: "I think that would be for the best, Sam! Does Florida sound nice?"

Sam: "How far are we from that place?!"

Ralph: "I can't tell! But with those two on our tails, I'd say we'll be there in about... half an hour!"

Sam: "Maybe 15 minutes if we kick it out of here! You first, Ralph!"

Ralph: "Thanks, Sam!"

And with that, Ralph kicks into Wile E. Coyote speed and dashes ahead into the horizon!

Ralph: "See you in Miamiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And then Sam soon follows Ralph as Applejack and Winona chase him away!

End of Episode 7.


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