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Sherbet Sorbet


Sherbet Sorbet





Cutie Mark

A triple scoop ice cream cone, tilted and slightly dripping


when out in public, she tends to be a bit on the quiet side, but she tries to make friends. once you get to know her, you'll discover that she has a light-hearted and bubbly side, even a little silly sometimes. she tends to wear her apron on most of the time, seeing as she carries her shop around town. inside the cart, she holds all the ice cream she hopes to sell during the day, as well as having a small room where her pet sleeps, a small baby polar bear baby with a red tie around his neck who goes by the name of "Snowflake". most of the time, he sleeps in his dark room, but he helps Sherbet out with the ice cream, seeing that she doesn't have magic to grab hold of the ice cream. he's quite strong despite his size, for he can carry about 2 buckets of ice cream roughly his size. her house is a little small, but she doesn't mind. the majority of the house is a giant freezer which contains her products as well as snow from the winter, which she uses to make her ice cream. she collects a lot of snow to last all seasons and never comes out of her house during winter wrap-up, for it bothers her to watch the other ponies clean up and melt the snow and ice.


History about the pony.

Other Info

Likes: winter, cold, ice cream, sweet & sour food, listening, her pet polar bear baby

Dislikes: hot days, talking too much, being forced into uncomfortable situations, watching snow melt, bitter and dry food

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