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Shift is an albino Changeling and is featured in Changing Minds.


Shift is an albino Chaneling, the his pelt and skin is absent of pigment. His eyes are a very pale blue. When Shift attemps to transform, anything he turns into will always come out as an albino version of the pony due to his lack of pigment. He can not change color. Thus Shift doesn't use his changing ability often unless he finds a while pony to transform into.

Shift is shy and timid around new people and very submissive. He was picked on a lot by the other changelings because he was different. When around his small group of changelings that he considered trustworthy, he is more open and outgoing.


Born a rare albino Changeling, Shift has always been a little different. The other changelings would mistreat Shift whenever he would partake in their game and sometimes would become injured. So Shift didn't make any friends and became very untrusting of others. Despite this, he labeled a few changelings who nice to him as good, probably the closest things he'll get to friends. Shift's parents abandoned him, forcing Shift to fend for himself. For a while Shift lived on the streets of the hive and moved from place to place, many because the other changelings would drive him away, till he came to live at the edge of the hive. Here he made a makeshift house out of the side of the hive and whatever he could find. Shift managed to get a job working as an assistance for a prominate Changeling called "Brain Storm" by other changeling. Do to the fact that Shift would remain white whenever he changed forms, he wasn't allowed to join in the Changeling Invasion of Canterlot and was left behind with the rest of the colony. When the other Changelings started to abandon the hive, Shift wasn't allowed to go with them, because they others wouldn't allow him to join them and because Brain Storm chose to stay. Eventually everyone had to leave the colony when King Skinwalker gave the other and Shift went with them.