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Shift Gear (better known as Creeperman's Shift Suit) is a special, unique peice of machinery that allows the user to shift into different forms. This is so because the suit was designed to be primarily a Battle Suit.


The suit can "shift" into different forms, each one super-enhancing a certain combat related stat. The suit can transform and reconfigure itself to match the form it's wearer commands. The known forms are:

  • Normal Gear
  • Attack Gear
  • Defense Gear
  • Speed Gear
  • Range Gear
  • Flight Gear
  • Reflect Gear

Gear Abilities[]

Normal Gear - The basic, starting form of the suit. No buffs or debuffs.

Attack Gear - This form boosts the power of physical attacks to the maximum potential.

Defense Gear - This form boosts the power of the suit's defensive shields to the maximum potential.

Speed Gear - This form boosts the suit's speed output to it's maximum potential.

Range Gear - This form boosts the power of range based attacks and weaponry to the maximum potential.

Flight Gear - This form grants the suit superior flying abilities, which surpass that of any Pegasus.

Reflect Gear - This form covers the entire suit's surface with a indestructable, shiny material, which relfects all kinds of light.