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Shutter Dawn
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Resident of Ponyville,Photographer
Eyes Light Lavender
Mane Dark Pink
Coat Beige
Nicknames Dawn,Shutter
Relatives None Known By Anyone Except Her Right Now
Cutie mark
A Camera(I know,not creative.)
Voice Hers
Owner Feebolt456


Shutter Dawn is a photographer and the Element of Kindness of Feebolt456's Next Generation Mane Six.



Shutter Dawn loves nature and animals,likes to explore,is very optimistic,and is very kind. However,she's very mysterious on her past and is very clumsy,causing her to slightly tick her friends off when she does this. Shutter also doesn't ask questions to other ponies and sometimes tries to figure things out on her own,which may be a problem when a crisis arises and Dawn doesn't know what in Equestria's going on and/or what the plan is.


Shutter Dawn has light lavender eyes,a dark pink mane,and a beige coat. Her bangs are also normal-shaped,spread out on the opposite sides of her forehead,and has her hair down.


Not a lot is known about Shutter Dawn's past,but it is known that she asked a lot of questions as a filly.

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