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Halo with golden wings




Silver Halo is a teenage pegasus currently residing in Cloudsdale. She is a student at Weather Ace academy, a school well-known for training excellent rescue fliers called Weather Aces. Although she has earned her Cutie Mark, she has no idea how or why it appeared, and she still does not know her special talent. She is light cyan with a light yellow mane and sky blue eyes.

Personality-wise, Silver is rather easy-going and friendly when happy, although she dislikes pity and prefers not to let other ponies know of her History. Despite her "go with the flow" personality, Silver is very negative, and doesn't believe she will ever find her special talent. She is also very hard on herself, and has a bad temper that she has trouble controlling.


Silver Halo was born to two unknown Pegasi, all that is known is that they were good friends with two Earth Ponies named Snow Day Pierce and Candy Cane Oak. Not soon after the aforementioned Earth Ponies married, the unknown pegasi left Silver to them, and mysteriously disappeared. Silver was raised in Blitz Bluff, a snowy, northern region in Equestria, for five months, before Candy Cane becoming pregnant drove the family to Ponyville. After Flurry Fluff Pierce, Silver's adoptive sister, was born, life became steady and constant in Ponyville. It was not until Silver saw two pegasi clearing the sky after a storm when she demanded that somepony teach her to fly. Her adoptive parents, unable to afford any other school, sent her to the Weather Ace academy where she learned to fly from a gifted student by the name of Blue Skies.

One day, she woke up and found that her cutie mark had appeared, despite her not knowing why or how.


-Despite Silver's real, full name being Silver Halo Pierce, Silver doesn't usually use this name, due to the fact she dislikes how it sounds.

-Silver has absolutely no desire to find her real parents- she's perfectly happy with her adoptive family.

-Silver is not a very good flier.