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Sir Bishop
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Head of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table
Eyes Light brilliant cerise (left) and Vivid cobalt blue (right)
Mane Black
Coat Very pale yellow
Relatives Sir Checkmate (ancestor)
Voice Yuri Lowenthal Cutscene_Sly_4_Thieves_in_Time_-_Sir_Galleth_and_Carmelita
Owner User:Otherside86

Sir Bishop is a descendant of Sir Checkmate, and head of the order of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table.

My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might[]

Sir Bishop is head of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table, and Sir Shroud's former mentor.

Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds[]

The human Bishop is fully aware of the magical world of Equestria.

He also acts as the headmaster of the Checkmate Institute for the Gifted.

Other versions[]

Sir Bishop secretly runs a minor governmental position in Equestria.