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Sir Checkmate
Sir Checkmate
Sir Checkmate (right and left sides)
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Founder of the Steed Knights of the Chess Table
Eyes Brilliant Cyan (right) and Brilliant Gold (left)
Mane Very Light Gold (right) and Deep Reddish Brown (left)
Coat Black and White Checker pattern
Nicknames Captain Checkmate
Magic aura Medium Gray
Hooves Black (left) and White (right)
Cutie mark
Sir Checkmate's Cutie Mark
Two-Head Knight Chess Piece
Voice Yuri Lowenthal Cutscene_Sly_4_Thieves_in_Time_-_Sir_Galleth_and_Carmelita
Owner User:Otherside86

Sir Checkmate was the first Steed Knight of the Chess Table.


Over a thousand years ago, Checkmate was once the most special and unorthodox Captain of the Royal Canterlot Guard of his time. As a colt in the still young Equestria, he would reflect on the ponies' past hatred. During the great rift between the three pony tribes, a colt unicorn named Checkmate was confused about the whole affair. After the discovery of Equestria, he became more confused. He ponders about the conflict itself, and how it was resolved. The way the leaders forgave each other after all that hatred and selfishness because of The Fire of Friendship. He finds the game of chess a perfect example of a clash of two opposing forces. A combination of strategic calculations and decisions on the field of battle. He then decides to learn all that he could about all things "conflict".

But when Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were made the rulers of Equestria, he was inspired on how the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects. He learned love and compassion while witnessing a young Celestia and Luna.

The two princesses became the world to Checkmate, and he would be made as the captain of the guard. He was there when Discord was first defeated, when King Sombra made the Crystal Empire disappear, and when Lord Tirek was sent to Tartarus. He realized these entities were a threat the very balance he strive to protect. But when Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia banished her, the events that have transpired went against everything Checkmate believed in. It wouldn't be right without Luna to raise moon. He was force to retire because of his depression.

So he figured if the two princesses couldn't properly maintain balance, maybe he can. With the help of the princess, he was dubbed: "Sir Checkmate the first Steed Knights of the Chess Table", the self-proclaimed equalizer of Equestria. He decided to take on a student, and taught her everything he knows. For centuries of peace, they have existed for generations, all the way to the time of Sir Sheath.

Sir Checkmate's cutie mark was used as the crest of the knights.

My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might[]

Other versions[]

After Equestria was discovered, Checkmate was a special unicorn, selected by the Founders to settle any disputes between ponies. He studied all quality of the three tribes before they were united.

He combined unrivaled skills as a warrior with unique practices of spells. His magical abilities are diligent enough to rival Star Swirl the Bearded. He discovered a special power called the Triskelion of Chivalry.

One day, a new evil arrived, Balaur, the Dragon that all Dragons Fear. As all the ponies feel threatened by this monstrosity, Checkmate stood up out of all others.