Sir Grapevine
Sir Grapevine 4
Sir Grapevine
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Steed Knight of the Chess Table
Assistant to Princess Luna
Eyes Luminous Vivid Gold
Mane Brilliant Violet
Coat Light Brilliant Spring Bud
Relatives Unnamed wife
Cutie mark
Grape vine
Voice Eddie Deezen
Owner User:Otherside86
Sir Grapevine is a Steed Knight of the Chess Table and Princess Luna's assistant.


Sir Grapevine is Princess Luna's slow-witted assistant when it comes to business with the Steed Knights.

Despite being honest, loyal, and well organized; there is virtually nothing that Grapevine actually understands. He is so good-natured that his inability to discern sarcasm will always be forgiven. He seem to annoy the princess every now and again.

"The less he knows, the better."


Sir Grapevine was modeled after Agent Larabee from Get Smart.

Other versions

Sir Grapevine is one of the Steed Knights in the long line of Sir Sheath's predecessors.

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