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Sketchy Tune


Sketchy Tune


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

Paintbrush that looks like an eighth note (or an eighth note that looks like a paintbrush!)


Sketchy Tune is a friendly, if somewhat spacey earth pony. He often prefers the calm of solitude, staying in the outskirts and quietly observing whatever is going on, but occationally he may burst into a spree of uncontrollable self-expression through whatever means presenting themselves at the time.

Sketch considers himself an artist, spending much of his time drawing his interpretations of the world around him, but his true talent lies in his ability to quickly pick up on almost anything creative - hence his uncharacteristically symbolic, almost schizophrenic-looking cutie mark. Don't be surprised if you find him haphazardly playing a random musical instrument or practicing his half-flanked singing from time to time. On a good day, he may even end up writing some stories or poems, but he very much prefers sticking to the visual arts.


Sketch's background is so remarkably unremarkable, no one would even remember it if he told them. Conveniently, no one ever asks in the first place! As far as most are concerned, he's just the quiet pony from down the block. He does seem to have an affinity for snow... Perhaps that's a clue.

Other Info

Sketchy Tune is the persona of his owner (who usually goes by the name Rox), so you'll see his name around on places like Ponychan, perhaps commenting on the Bronyville podcast and other such things. Keep an eye out for him!

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