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Skye is an elusive creature living in the Whitetail Woods, previously unexplored in its entirety by the ponies of Ponyville. However, unlike the Everfree Forest, the Whitetail Woods naturally is more friendly and inviting by its sheer nature and the flora and fauna that live there, hence being chosen as his residence. While there may be others that live there, Skye generally keeps to himself, though he will occasionally show himself to travellers on their way through the woods to ensure that they don't get lost. During the annual Running of the Leaves, he'll make sure they don't stray too far from the established routes through a variety of subtle ways, almost always unseen in the background.

As a dispensor of advice, he has to be sought out and asked for, which makes it somewhat difficult unless one already knows what they're looking for. He's always willing to help, and once made friends with, can be expected to be a loyal and friendly companion. He rarely leaves the woods, though he can occasionally be sighted on the outskirts of Ponyville or even in the Everfree Forest, though he doesn't like it there because of its spooky nature. This makes him similar to Zecora in nature, though he doesn't have an established home as she does, nor does he speak in rhymes or dabble in potions.

As a dreamer, he often will become faraway and unfocused, usually during the dispensing of advice, sometimes taking his supplicants on a journey through his dreams and in his way, helping them find theirs. Legend has it that Perytons can grant wishes, though this is only a Legend and while he'll never come outright and say it, any wish-granting he may seem to do actually comes from the wisher themselves. Occasionally he will speak in prose, though this may happen during the course of a dream and usually only when it's the best way to convey a suitably mysterious or cryptic message.

While Perytons may not be seen in the skies of Equestria (Making them virtually unknown to Pegasi folk), they are capable of fluttering about amidst the trees, or using their wings to guide them around the occasional cliff and pitfall. Unlike Pegasi, Perytons do not walk on clouds or control the weather, though they can seem to vanish amidst the shadows of the trees even in direct sunlight, as long as direct line of sight can be broken. This makes it harder for them to track down unless they want to be seen. The best way to find Skye is to ask for him by name as one is travelling through the woods.


Poetry, Peaches, Apples, Blueberries, Silly Stories, Sharing experiences, Keeping ponies safe in their travels through the Whitetail Woods


Loud noises, Meanness, Inequality, Bad Smells, Exposure, The Cold