Bronies Wiki
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Weathermare
Eyes Moderate olive
Mane Light brilliant cornflower blue, Dark blue, and a Brilliant magenta extension
Coat Light cornflower blue
Nicknames Sky
Relatives Bright Streak (Sister)
Blitz Dasher (Brother)
Whirlwist (Cousin)
Breeze Whistle (Cousin)
Cutie mark
Red heart and a cloud
Owner TheSkyheart

Skyheart is a weathermare from Cloudsdale who is the oldest child in her family. Her younger sister is Bright Streak and her brother is Blitz Dasher.


Sky was the first born foal of her regular pegasus family. A year after her birth, her younger sister Bright Streak joined the cast and a few years after, Blitz Dasher arrived. Skyheart often defended Bright Streak because she was the only two-toned pegasus in the class. Everything was normal for the family until the Canterlot Wedding.Sky met her five friends during Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's exciting wedding by the other side of the land in Ponyville, having a casual day after seeing a group of Changelings heading toward the town and each of the six ponies took action to defeat the ones heading around in the area. They all united after Shining and Cadence performed their 'love spell,' as it affected them and they each found out they were destined to be friends.


Bright Streak[]

Bright Streak is Sky's younger sister. Bright Streak often got teased in their flight class because she was one of the only ponies in the class who had two-toned wings, and Sky would often defend her. They have a very close sister relationship.


Pancakes is a pegasus who is the future partner of Skyheart.


Moonglade is one of the five friends Sky met during their battle of the Changelings.


"You just take to the sky." -Sky's motto.

"I just get my head in the clouds."

"The sky's the limit."