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In his Formal Wonderbolts Uniform
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Wonderbolts (Rank: Captain)
Royal Guard (Retired)
Eyes Brown
Mane Dark Blue with Green
Coat Sky Blue
Relatives See Infobox Below
Full Name Skylar Snow Storm
Cutie mark
Tornado with Lighting Bolt Through It
Owner Lord Cryptic

"I am worried I am not good enough to carry on the proud legacy that you, mom, dad and the whole of our family Sister, I am the only one in Decades from this family not to have a long career in The Royal Guards, can I really live up to what is expected of me and not become a Failure in Life?" —Skylar talking to his sister Phoenix after his Retirement from The Royal Guards

Sky's Family
Skylar with his wife Summer Flare


Summer Flare


Flora Flare


Orion III








Captain & Thunder


Electra & Vita

Brother in Laws

Shield Blitzer & Southern Pyro

Skylar Snow Storm is a Pegasus Pony who is a member of The Wonderbolts Where he has obtained the Rank of Captain and a Ex-Royal Guard having retired to Peruse a career in the Wonderbolts. His Family is well known for being part of The Royal Guards for many Generations dating all way back to his Relative Orion Senior with only two other members of his Family past not being members of The Royal Guards, one being Temperance the wife of Orion Snr and Casper Storm who was a Detective in the Las Pegasus Police Department until his murder during an investigation. Skylar is currently married to Summer Flare the sister of a Royal Guard called Shield Blitzer.


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Royal Guard Training[]

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Royal Guard and Retirement[]

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Wonderbolts Training[]

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Wonderbolts Career[]

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Meeting Summer Flare[]

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Past Injuries[]

Skylar list of injuries he has obtained in his past is long, with him getting the same injuries on multiple occasions, the most injury he seems to have picked up in his life is a Broken Leg on Eleven Occasions, followed by a Broken bone in his wing on Five Occasions, he once suffered a dislocated wing and leg after a training accident when with the Wonderbolts that left him sidelined for over ten months, he has also been hit in the face several times by drunk ponies resulting in him requiring stitches, The worst Injury he ever received was a herniated disk in his neck which was caused when a over excited fan tackled him out of the sky when he was doing a basic routing with the Wonderbolts leaving him sidelined for nearly two years.


Sky has obtained quite a few scars over the year, here is a simple list of scars that he has:

  • A faint small scar in the back of his neck from Surgery to fix a Herniated Disk in his neck
  • A Small Scar on the sole of his Right Front Leg
  • A Fair scar running under his left eye
  • A Noticeable Scar running over part of his Ear


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Summer Flare[]

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Flora Flare & Orion III[]

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Skylar has always had a close relationship with his Grandfather Captain, dating all the way back to when he was two years old and regularly foal sit him when his parents were at work and he had always been an inspiration to Sky for his entire life, whenever something big and important was happening in his life, Captain would always be one of the first ponies to ask about it, His grandfather also was one of the first few ponies to support him when he decided that he was going to retire from the Royal Guards to peruse a career in the Wonderbolts and was there for Sky the day he both became a full member of the Wonderbolts and the day he reached the Rank of Captain, his Grandfather is also someone Sky regulary turns to whenever he needs someone to foal sit his own kids when he is busy with the Wonderbolts, but aside from being his Grandfather he is also someone Skylar talks to when he needs some words of wisdom and advice, Captain has always been what has keep Skylar down to earth and taught him important life lessons from humility to how important family and friends are above fame and Sky has never forgotten anything he has learned from his Grandfather.


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Shield Blitzer[]

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Southern Pyro[]

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Midnight Sunset[]

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Storm, Seabreeze & Miracle[]

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Winter Frost[]

Winter Frost is Skylar's childhood friend, he has known Winter since he was only a few months old and the two have always been the best of friends, They do quite a lot of things together and always tend to support each other in everything they do no matter how stupid or dumb it may be, During their youth they played many of pranks on the Royal Guards and ponies of Canterot, they were always up to trouble and most of the time they were always getting into trouble for something where it be a prank or annoying the royal guards, but most of the time they tend to get away from the Royal Guards as they were faster then them and they knew every single shortcut in Canterlot. Winter is only two days older then Skylar so when Sky turned four years old the two started a tradition of sharing a birthday and that tradition continues to this day where they will always arrange a party at a nightclub, they however ban alcohol from the party as they see the day as something to enjoy and not an occasions for getting drunk. 


The relationship between Explorer and retired teacher Polaris and Skylar is an unusual one, he meet her one day in a bar, at the time of their meeting she was rather drunk, she wondered over to Sky and sat down next to him before she started to randomly talking to him about her adventures and due to Sky being polite he didn't interrupt her as he didn't want to be rude, but as her story continued he got more and more interested in what she had to tell him, he arranged to meet her again when she was a bit more sober, The next time he meet her was over two weeks later, by change he managed stumbled into her whilst she was in a cafe having lunch, he went over and introduced himself to her and told her about the incident in the bar, she seemed rather embarrassed until he said he found what she done rather interesting and if she wouldn't mind if he joined her for lunch, which against her nature she did, they ended up talking for hours about their professions and what they did and they only stopped talking cause the owned of the Cafe wanted to close up for the night, before they parted way for the night Skylar gave Polaris VIP Ticket to the next wonderbolt event and said she be his guest at the next big event. She took the ticket and said she might be there, but was not sure as she was not use to attending big events, Skylar said he hoped to see her at the event but would understand if she did not show up. On the day of the event she did show up and said she been debating about coming all day but decided just to see what the wonderbolts was all about and that she came cause Sky had been so kind to her from the meeting at the bar to having lunch at cafe the other day, he introduced her to all the wonderbolts including his mentor and best friend Spitfire, after the event they hung around the area talking about the day, shortly before she left she turned to him and told Skylar that she considers him a friend, he replied with the same, Ever since that chance encounter at a bar they have been firm friends, they don't meet up that often as both lead busy lifes but she attends most of the wonderbolt events and that is the time they tend to talk the most about what they are up to in their lifes.

Scarlet Deville (Paige)[]

The bond that Skylar and Paige have is a special close one, the two meet when they were both at the same nightclub where Vinyl Scratch was peforming at, Skylar bumped into Paige whilst ordering a drink for his friend Storm when he accidently bumped into Paige spilling the drink all over her, he instantly started to apologize to her but found it odd when she just started laughing before suddenly being hugged by Paige, she told him that it was no big deal and that it happened to her a couple of times as she was a regular to this nightclub, Sky invited Paige back to the table he was at and the two started to talk for a while about interests and hobbies, it was during this talk they found a common interest in music or more spefically, the love of a one DJ called Vinyl Scratch and how they both enjoyed what she came up with and they always came to whatever nightclub she was peforming at. They also talked about their dreams with Paige wanting to become a Singer herself and Sky wanting to join the ranks of the Wonderbolts. After the events of the nightclub they meet again in a cafe not far after Paige invited Sky to meet her there, at the cafe they had a coffee and talked some more, the follow few months they were dating but it didn't work out too well and they both agreed that they rather be friends then be in a relationship with one another as they didn't want to ruin the close friendship they had formed. Skylar was there the day Paige got accepted into Canterlot University of Arts & Music, not that neither of them remember that day as they then went out partying that night at the nearest nightclub, Paige was also a pony that helped shape Skylar's life as she was on of the ponies to incourage him to leave the Royals Guards to persue his dream of joining the Wonderbolts, she gave him the confidence to believe that he could achieve his dream and after he got accepted they opted against going to a Nightclub instead they celebrated by attending a Wonderbolts event, during this event he told Paige that one day he was going to be here entertaining the crowd. Two weeks before his graduation to the wonderbolts Skylar got married to Summer Flare and it took him all but thirty minutes of talking with his fiancee to let Paige be a bridesmaid at their wedding as she been an important part of his life, she would also be there at his Graduation and Sky returned the favour by being there for her at her graduation, which was only a few days apart from one another so they had one big pool party to celebrate the ocassion with Paige providing the music for the event. Throughout the friendship they always been there for one another, at thier lows and at thier highs, but they always shared the same idea that drived them to thier goals and dreams. Paige being thier for Skylars first big event as a Wonderbolt and eventual promotion to Captain and Sky being there for Paige when she did her first peformance at a nightclub to her first big performance in a stadium. They have a close bond that has held the test of time and vowed to be friends to the end.


Clover is one of Skylar's closest friends, whenever he goes to play cards he always goes to the table that Clover is at, mainly cause he likes to talk with his friend whilst playing cards and Skylar is a very bad card player, he always tends to stick to blackjack as its the only game he really knows how to play but yet he doesn't seem to have very much luck at the game, outside of the Casino when he hangs out with Clover its mainly for birthdays, but before they become very busy he use to hang out with Skylar and Winter when they were kids but he moved out to Las Pegasus when he was eight years old but the two stayed in contact with letters, meeting up once and a while when the three families arranged holidays, but this was not that often but they remained firm friends, Clover was one of the ponies who attened Skylar's wedding but Clover's wife was not in attendance, he rarley ever discusses his wife with Skylar as he has only meet her on two ocassions and never really talked to her so it is a subject that has never really been brought up. Aside from that they only really talk when Skylar is visiting Las Pegasus, but the majority of the time they comminicate via letters.

Night Storm[]

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Risky Charm[]

Skylar doesn't reall know much about Risky Charm except that she is the Wife of one of his friends, the Card Dealer Clover, he has only meet her on two ocassions and hasn't really formed much of an opinon on what she is like as a pony, but he rarley ever talks about her much and doesn't know much about her past.


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Camo Serpent[]

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Blood Storm[]

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Lavender Night[]

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Neon "Lare" Flare[]

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Vinyl Scratch[]

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Derpy Hooves[]

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The friendship Skylar has with Spitfire is a close one, she was the pony who personally trained him after he retired from the Wonderbolts after he showed to her the passion he had to become a Wonderbolt and how he wanted this not to be a carrer but his life. He first meet Spitfire by chance during a training session one day when she was taking a stroll around the wonderbolts training camp HQ and stopped to admite the current group of new cadets, it is here where Sky introduced himself to her, being the only bravest one to even talk to her, she sat there for a while and listened to every single word he was saying not even interupting him even when mentioning about his training as a Royal Guard and only stopped to ask him why he was here and not at the Place in Canterlot, this is when he revealed to her his burning passion to make it in the wonderbolts where he told explained to her that this was something he needed, he revealed to her that he was willing to fail over and over again just to earning the respect of even one Wonderbolt and saying that the most important lesson in life was humality, but also knowing that despite how hard it got you never should give up on your passion and dreams, It took her a few days later when he bumped into her again when she invited him for a coffee and this time she spoke and told Sky that his passion is exactly what she was looking for in a Wonderbolt and how from listening to him the other day he was willing to put his team mates before himself, she liked the way he talked about it wasn't a solo effort but a team effort that makes the Wonderbolts so great and said she needs more members on the team like him, this is when she revealed she was going to be training him along with her Second in command Soarin. After that meeting Spitfire stepped up Sky's training in a big way, she gave him a complete different program then what she would give to regular cadets, the program she lined up was the program the wonderbolts used on a daily basis but she keep this from Skylar for many many months, she revealed this shortly before he graduated that she had considered him a member of the team Six days into the training program she had given him and revealed this was the advanced form of training wonderbolts got before big shows, when Skylar asked why he got a harder training course she told him that his training with The Canterlot Royal Guards meant that basic training would have been to easy for him and she wanted to test his ability to the fullest and that she was proud that he always stepped up his game every time and seemed to make the advanced training seem like nothing. Shortly after his graduation when he bumped into her next she invited him out to drink with the core members of the Wonderbolts and told him to not address her as Mam as she rather him called her Spitfire, she told him that not only did he have her respect but her friendship too. The close friendship these two have is so strong that Skylar named Spitfire the Godmother to his two foals, she was also one of the few ponies outside of his family that Summer Flare allowed to be invited to the wedding, Spitfire was also the pony to inform Sky personally that he was to be promoted to Captain five days before it was publically announced and she was the one to host the ceremony, during this speach she told the crowd who was in attenedance that day that not only did she find a talented pony when Sky entered the Wonderbolt Academy but she found a new member for the wonderbolts somepony she respected and sompony she was honoured to call her friend with Skylar returning the favour when he thanked everyone from his family to his friends for always supporting him and helping him to follow his dreams.

The Main Six[]

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The Royal Family Relationship[]

Princess Luna[]

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Princess Celestia[]

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Princess Cadance[]

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