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Birthday Dec.12, 1993
Nicknames n/a
Friends Conquest Haste, Woody Axe, Free Valiance
Realtives N/A
Relationships Single
Personality Protective, chivalrous, kind
Element Knighthood


Slayer Night got his cutiemark at the age of 12. He lost his parents when he was very young due to a dragon burning down their whole village leading Slayer to become very wary and untrustful. When he met Woody, he was still untrustful, but decided to take a chance on Woody when they both met Wolfie the timberwolf.They became fast friends and Woody even helped Slayer to open up more and trust people again. He and Woody have shared many adventures since then, and seeing Woody protect Wolfie the timberwolf that day in the forest was what helped him to decide to train to become a knight. He vowed that someday he would accomplish what he set out to do, and is now in training to become a knight. Slayer is very protective of all of his friends, especially Woody, who both share a lost and beloved friend. Slayer now trains in the Knight's Academy for Ponies and is very close to knighthood.  He vows that someday, along with his loyal and trusty friends, he'll slay the dragon that slaughtered his village so many years ago. 

People Who Helped[]

  • Healingrain from the DragonVale wiki helped with backstory.