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Heart Shaped Pony Version of Smarty Pants


Smarty Pants,Often called Smarty, Is a very smart young mare with a love of books and Knowledge all together. If she was to have an element, it would be Knowledge. If there's something you need to know, Smarty probably has the answer. She resides in Ponyville with her younger sister Lil' Bookworm (who she named herself), and runs her own local library from her adoptive parents. Quiet yet knowledgeable, she many friends, but doesn't mind a few more here and there.

Back story[]

Smarty's parents didn't have much, her family was poor. They had to live in an old abandoned Farm house, which her parents spruced up when they move in. Smarty's parents were unfortunately Pony-napped by unknown creatures, minutes after her younger sister Lil' Bookworm was born. Luckily being saved by Princess Celestia, who was taking a leisurely flight, and taking them to her castle, Smarty never saw her parents ever again. The princess kept her and her sister, until she found a nice young couple to adopt them, who owned the library she now runs to this day. Smarty is happy with her new life, and is glad to have a safe place for her sister to grow up in.


While in canterlot castle as the Princess's guest, Smarty wandered off one time whilst her sister napped. Getting lost, she found Celestia's own personal libraby and fell in love with it. She spent hours and hours of reading every book she could get her hoofs on. She read and read and read, Until an intire book shelf had fell. Picking up the books and putting back in record time, she didn't even notice as she got her cutiemark.


Sapphy Solaswi[]

One of Smarty's oldest friends, Literally. Girlfriend of Ruther's.


Local town "Hotty" Who runs his own coffee and tea shop with his cousin, Coffee Cake.[]

Pink Petunia[]

A good Pegasus friend, who runs a local flower shop.


A cousin of Applejack's, part of the apple family, who stays with Applejack helping tend to the farm, and Also Sapphy's boyfriend.

Lil' Bookworm[]

Her younger sister and only sibling, Smarty treasures her so.


A former Disco star, now residing in Ponyville.

Handy Tools[]

A cousin of Smarty Pants's adoptive parents, and is a Handy man who visits often.

Coffee Cake[]

Hotshot's blind cousin with a great talent of making cakes and baked goods.

Urban Legend[]

Smarty's Biological cousin known for being good at collecting trophies and earning certain Accomplishments.


A special Pegasus with a rare skin condition that makes her multicolored.