Bronies Wiki
Smoke Bomb
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Treasure Hunter

Demolitions Expert

Eyes Purple
Mane Black and Purple
Coat White
Nicknames Hothead, Blast (Gold Rushers codename)
Relatives Ash Storm (sister)
Affiliation Gold Rushers
Cutie mark
Owner 73MPL4R


Smoke Bomb is a white Pegasus pony with a black and purple mane and tail and purple eyes. His cutie mark is a cartoonish bomb with a lit fuse, signifying his explosive temper and skill in demolition. During treasure hunting expeditions he carries a saddlebag filled with dynamite, which he uses for blasting away obstacles and uncovering hidden gems or artifacts.


Smoke's fuse is just as short as the ones on his explosives. He can be set off by just about anything, but perhaps his biggest trigger is if anyone insults or harms his little sister Ash Storm. Doing that is sure to have him just centimeters from one's face screaming a barrage of creative insults depending on the severity of the offense. It's because of this that the other Gold Rushers make sure to hide his saddlebag when not on a mission.

Despite this, however, Smoke does have a soft side. He cares deeply for and is very protective of his sister and he will always come to the aid of anyone in danger, even if he had just finished berating them moments earlier.

Smoke is a master demolitionist, able to pinpoint exactly where and when to set off his explosives to effectively clear away obstacles while minimizing collateral damage.


Smoke Bomb was born in Cloudsdale and lived with his parents and sister for a number of years. He developed a fascination with demolition after watching an old, abandoned building being destroyed to make room for a new weather station.

Smoke Bomb eventually grew bored of being cooped up in the clouds all his life, so he left home in search of excitement. His sister, Ash Storm, followed him, fearing for his safety. During their travels, the two ponies joined a treasure hunting gang called the Gold Rushers, where Smoke serves as the group's demolition expert.

Smoke Bomb, along with the other Gold Rushers, sets up camp wherever precious gems and artifacts can be found, although their main base is located in Ponyville.