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Can't stop The Smooze! - Hydia, Draggle and Reeka

The Smooze covering Dream Castle ^

Smooze ID S5E7

Kind creature
Sex none
Occupation monster

The Smooze first appeared in the 1986 animated feature film My Little Pony: The Movie.

A reboot of the character appeared in the Season 5 episode Make New Friends But Keep Discord

My Little Pony: The Movie[]

It is this thick purple semi-sentient gunk created by the three witches at the Volcano of Doom, a wicked witch named Hydia and her two daughters Reeka and Draggle. It was created to ruin Ponyland and the fun of the ponies. It's only weakness, despite Hydia claiming the smooze to be unbeatable, is the Flutter Ponies utter flutter, though Megan Williams used the rainbow of light to temporary stop it. The Flutter Ponies dropped it in the same volcano it came from.

Friendship Is Magic[]

The Smooze appears in Make New Friends But Keep Discord as Discord's "plus-one" to the Grand Galloping Gala. His arrival to the Gala is initially met by other Gala guests with gasps of surprise and disgust. A being comprised entirely of a sticky green slime, the Smooze leaves a trail of slime wherever he moves. He has an apparent appetite for jewels and other shiny valuables and grows in size whenever he eats something.

When Discord and the Smooze first appear at the Gala, Twilight Sparkle worries that their presence will cause trouble, and she warns Discord to keep the Smooze under control. Throughout the evening, Discord tries to draw Fluttershy's attention away from her new friend Tree Hugger, ignoring the Smooze and the havoc he creates around the Gala ballroom.

On two occasions, Discord tries to isolate the Smooze from the party so that he can focus on Fluttershy. In the first of these instances, the Smooze eats all the jewels on Rarity's dress. In the second instance, he consumes an entire room of treasures and valuables, causing him to grow to immense size and cover the Gala floor in slime.

With the help of Tree Hugger, the Smooze calms down, and Discord extracts the valuables from his body to return him to normal size. In the end, Discord apologizes to the Smooze for ignoring him all evening, and the Smooze forgives him. He is last seen dancing with Pinkie Pie.


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The Smooze was a planned for Ponytale, but no longer due to it's contradicting nature. It was originally planned as an entire species of purple sludge monsters capable of a plague like illness, entirely unlike how it appeared in Make New Friends but Keep Discord. Smooze will perhaps be reworked into Ponytale lore, such as the idea being purple is Smooze aggressive state.