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Cutie Mark

Coiled green snake


Slightly smaller than most other male ponies, Sneaky Snake has an orange coat, and grey eyes. His mane and tail are cropped short and somewhat shaggy; they form a pastel rainbow, with his mane in lavender, sky blue and mint green, and his tail in yellow, pale orange and pink.

He's rambunctious and at times somewhat obnoxious, and spends most of his time flipping over old boards and rocks to find bugs, snakes, frogs and other creepy crawlies. He's also a surprisingly good cook, though one of his favourite things to make is his own root beer - by no coincidence his favourite drink.

He shares a house with Vee Twin, whom Sneaky delights in antagonising with his spider collection.


To be continued. Maybe.

Other Info

Sneaky Snake is named after a song of the same title. His creator's art page can be found at

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