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Solar Azimuth
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Astronomer, Archer (part-time), Heir to the Throne of Friendship
Eyes Dark persian blue
Mane Light brilliant cornflower blue

Dark phthalo blue
Pale, light grayish olive

Coat Cobalt bluish gray
Nicknames Solar, Sol, Azi, Azimuth
Relatives Derpy Hooves (mother)

Twilight Sparkle (mother)
Banana Nut Muffin (younger sister)
Princess Cadence (aunt)
Shining Armor (uncle)
Flurry Heart (cousin)

Cutie mark
Solar Azimuth's Cutie Mark
Voice ?
Owner User:AuroraFlaky

Solar Azimuth is the oldest daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Derpy Hooves. Her younger sister is Banana Nut Muffin. She was born and raised in Ponyville in the Castle of Friendship. She is also the Heir to the Throne of Friendship.

Characteristics and Biography[]

Solar Azimuth is an Astronomer, so she likes observing and studying space. She also likes archery. She mainly does this to get away from "being a princess". She also likes to spend time reading and learning, similar to her mother.

Solar Azimuth is not good at flying. She doesn't have good eyesight, which might come from one of her mothers. Specifically, she has astigmatism. Solar needs glasses to see.


To put it simply, Solar Azimuth doesn't want anything to do with ponies. She is very anti-social and shy, very unlike her parents. Despite this, she does have friends.


Solar Azimuth is a gray pegasus with a long, light blue mane with bangs. She has blonde and dark blue highlights. She has purplish-blue eyes similar to her mother, but they're much bluer. She has a yellow necklace with 6 circles and a purple 6-sided star in the middle. She also wears periwinkle glasses.



  • An azimuth is the position of a celestiar object.
  • She's a bisexual.