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Well perhaps I can be mean. That doesn't make me a villain though. Ponies wonder why I went here.. And now I can give them a reason. I am no longer Sora Orora. That is the old me.

-Sora Orora to herself, after exiling herself to the Everfree Forest                                

Sora Orora

Kind alicorn
Sex Female


Mane dark blue
Coat light blue
Relatives  Goruden Sanshain (big sister)

Cutie mark

a pair of scissors

Owner User: Raintalon44

Her in general[]

Sora Orora, or Sora, is a light blueish alicorn with almost blind violet eyes, and a dark blue mane. Her cutie mark are scissors. She had bandages around her right fore-hoof her mane and tail style is Fluttershy's.


Personality: She is dark, and a loner. She is grumpy and sarcastic. Unlike most Villian Like ponies, she looks light. She is misunderstood and wants to find revenge on the elements of harmony, and the bullies from her school.


History: Not much is known about her history, aside from  her being bullied by some unknown ponies.


Talent: Her talent has something to do with scissors, but that is all ponies know.


Relationships- She doesn't really have relationships, but she is against most 'heroes' in MLP.

Goruden Sanshain- Her sister, (Golden Sunshine.) For as much as I care, I have no sister Sora to Goruden. Although Goruden wants Sora to be happy, Sora sort of hates her sister. She calls her sister a bakka.

development and design[]

Development and Design- Sora Orora is japanese for 'Sky Aurora' She was supposed to be dark, but her maker wanted her to look light, she was originally dark gray with a dark purple mane, and sun yellow eyes.


Element: She really has no element, but she made her own The element of hatred

powers and abilities[]

Powers and ability: as being an alicorn, she can use magic and fly. She can use her magic to shapeshift into other ponies or a shadow.


Family- Her mother is an unnamed white pegasus, and her father is unknown. Her sister is an orange pegasus with a red and yellow mane, called Goruden Sanshain.


Trivia- Her original name was her english name, but her maker wanted to call her a japanese name


Quotes - What? Her? Loyal!? Don't make me laugh. She would leave you to be a wonderbolt. Trust me, Little Twilight. I can make you more than you want. -Sora to Twilight

As a filly

Sora as a filly


her as a human, ( without bandages)

Maybe. I can look up to the heroes, or the villains. I pick the villains. -Sora Orora to Pinkie Pie

Mlp oc

Sora as a pony