Soul Note (2)



Soul Note is a Unicorn who lives in Ponyville, this pony belongs to user Master Green Cat.

He is a really smart pony and very responsible, apart is very strong he can even move trees with one hoof,he takes the blame for most of the things that his friends do, he is calm most of the time but wen somepony screws up really bad all the magic stuck inside of him suddenly explodes in rage, causing an explosion that has destroyed houses and buildings.


Soul Note was born in Ponyville he become a really good musician at a young age and he always played for fun and not for money, his dad wanted him to stop making music and do something more with his life, after a big fight betwen them Soul Note left the house to live with his Grandmother who was more supportive of Soul Note's music skills.

One day he was walking in the Everfree forest singing and dancing whit no fear of the dangers in the woods, he just needed to cross a small mountain to reach his Grandmother house but something happened a giant Rainbow explotion in the sky made an avalanche and Soul Note fell from the mountain and landed on a lake, he was okay but his horn was broken,the years passed he learned how to live with a broken horn but his music skills weren't the same, one day his Grandmother became sick and died short after, Soul Note decided he didnt have any reason to stay in Ponyville so he left the town looking for luck in other towns along whit him pegasus Blackout Skully, two against the world.

He is in Ponyville again and now he is a multi-use pony but he still plays music in the streets(he keeps playing for fun and not money)

He likes Raindrops.

He wants to be famous so all the ponies in the world keep doing what they like.

Other Info

He plays many instruments like Guitar,Violin,Flute,Banjo,Bass and Piano.

His best Friend is Blackout Skully(

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