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Southern Cross


Southern Cross





Cutie Mark

Cross with four stars




Mother: Levitas Aguila
Father: Scutum
Older Sister: Raven Flowers
Twin Brother: Northern Cross


This is Cygnus' twin sister, Southern Cross. Her job is Astronomy. She is normally found flying upside-down looking though her telescope at the stars above. She seeks out new stars that have yet to be named or gazes at the planets above to learn more. Now and then she visits schools to teach young fillies the wonders of the Cosmos.

Her job might not pay alot, but she loves it too much to give it up. Her dream is to one day own her own Observatory with the biggest telescope she can find, just so she can gaze into space.


Night Flight

When the family use to live in a small cottage just outside of a small town, Cygnus and Crux were flying home from school and generally playing about round town, the day was starting to fade away as the sun was setting, the bright full moon was peaking over the mountains upon the young twins. Crux had a puzzled look upon her face, she was trying to work out what her Cutie mark was going to be after learning more about them from the teacher, Ponies only got them once they found their special talent, to which neither herself or her brother have realised yet.

Crux started to talk to Cyg about Cutie Marks, who seemed to understand more what the teacher said today, again Crux was too busy doodling things in her notebook during class, after some annoying questions for Cyg he reminded Crux of what the teacher said about looking towards things your interested in.

So both Cygnus and Crux started to look at the world around them as they flew over the scenery in the moon light, hoping to see some sort of inspiration, then of a sudden Cygnus looked at the patterns of the ground below him and pictured them on paper while Crux was looking at the patterns of the stars above her and the shapes on the moon, Cygnus wondered what the world looked like on a map, and if there was any place not yet found. Crux was wondering how many stars there are up there and if the moon was just like here.

It was at that moment, both of them found their Cutie Marks together, both were overjoyed to the point that Cygnus nearly crashed both of them into the cottage, to which their mother and sister was pleased to see they had found their calling.

Other Info

Like her brother, her nick name is from the constellation of the same name.

Her first telescope was her Father's that he had given her when she was born. She has tresured it with all her heart ever since she got it.

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