Sparks is a Unicorn pony from Canterlot. She went to Celestia's School for gifted unicorns.




Eye color


Fur color

Pale Purple

Mane Colour

Strawberry Blonde

Cutie Mark:

3 stars with a small moon, symbolizing her talent with making stars.

Element of Battle


Sparks is also very athletic,Dusk, her 'brother' taught her everything he knows about being an Olympic Pony of Celestia.


Sparks is very hyper and athletic. She is talkative and good with magic, not as good as someponys..but good. She seems to always be galloping, even if it's not even. People usually say "Hey Sparks! You should be a Pegasus!" Sparks is very content for being a Unicorn and wouldn't want to be anything else


Sparks talkative-ness can lead to her being annoying around new ponies she never met. She is very clumsy and has a 'I will be the best' thing whenever she races. She has no sense of direction and her the sporty things about her makes her friends dislike her views sometimes. She is always running so she seems to miss a lot of things and is very slow.


Her pet is Star- the Kitten, given to her by Fluttershy.

Star the kitten


Her friends are


A friend who went with her to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. They seem to have a 'best friends forever' thing about them, even though their personalities clash.

Left to right Rock,Garland,Sling Lily,Shutter Scotch,Cyan Berry,Fairstar and Sparks

Cyan Berry

Cyan Berry is like a rock for Sparks. She always seems to be cheerful around her and likes to smile. Around other people, Cyan Berry doesn't seem to be as happy.

Shutter Scotch

Her racing buddy. They're always seem to be racing. They have friendly compition.


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