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Speed Break Hedgehog

Speed BreaknewID

Speed Break Filly

Kind Hedgehog/Pegasus Hybrid
Sex Female
Occupation Weather pony (part time)
Eyes Light pink
Mane Different Shades of blue
Coat Light cobalt blue

Pale, light grayish olive

Light phthalo blue

Nicknames Speed, Speedy, Break, Sound Barrier Breaker
Relatives Sonic the Hedgehog (father)

Rainbow Dash (mother)

Feral Rush (twin sister)

Sound Spectrum (twin sister)

Cutie mark
Speed Break CM

The Sonic Rainboom

Voice Britt Irvin
Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf
I break the sound barrier faster than my mom! What about you?

–Speed Break

Characteristics and Biography

Generic Info

Speed Break is a hedgehog/pegasus hybrid and is the middle child of the triplets. She seems to be faster than her parents and loves to break the Sound Barrier (even though it breaks her wings msot of the time). She is the most known of the triplets and has a love for racing. Speed Break challenges other athlete ponies, but has good sportsmanship.


Speed Break is a proud and naive pony. Speed Break loves speed and would do anything to race or have a challenge. However, she has great sportsmanship and accepts her losses. However, she's cocky and loves attention.


Speed Break is a light blue hedgehog and pegasus hybrid with blue spines, 2 navy blue colored tips of her wings, 6 shades of blue on her mane and tail, tan legs, tan inner ears, and light pink eyes.



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