Bronies Wiki
Speedy Pride
Kind Pegasus
Sex Male
Occupation Musician
Eyes Orange
Mane Brown
Coat Strong Red-Orange
Nicknames Speedster
Theme Song Staff Roll - Mega Man 2 (1989)
Owner JeffMandM

Speedy Pride is a musician that lives in Ponyville. A friend of Spark Shower's, he likes to make people happy with his music.


Speedy hails from another town, where he grew up with his mother. His father had left him when he was a baby colt. When he was a little older and found out that his dad left him, he was struck with sadness. He didn't get over it until he earned his cutie mark. His cutie mark showed up when he found some old sheet music and a guitar of his dad's in his attic. After he had just become a teen, he decided that it was time to head out on his own. Driven by the idea of wanting to explore the world, he left for Ponyville, where he currently lives. One of his greatest goals in life is to find his father.


Speedy is a social butterfly. He can get along with other ponies just fine. but sometimes he can get a little agitated too easily. This can sometimes cause him to seem different than he actually is. When he sees someone able to be helped, he always takes the opportunity. He likes to make music and hang with his friends, and his dislikes consist of getting agitated, certain foods, and being mean to people.

Musical talents[]

While Speedy may be a musician, his talents really lie on the guitar. Never seen without it, his music is a sight to behold. He has a majestic singing voice for his age, and he really just does it to brighten everyone's day, as opposed to just doing it for the money. He could care less how much he gets paid as long as it makes other ponies happy.

Relationship with Spark Shower[]

Speedy and Spark were good friends in school, but after the "Cutie Mark incident," Spark, at first never wanted anything to do with Speedy since he was still hanging out with the friends that made fun of him. After a while though, Speedy made it up to Spark and then it was time for him to say goodbye. While Speedy hasn't seen Spark since the "Nightmare Moon incident," the two of them are still good friends.