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Spirit Plumber is a handypony with no real specialization, doing both plumbing work and general construction or repairs depending on what there is to do. While competent, Spirit Plumber is very temperamental, both in terms of being passionate about work and in terms of never sugar coating opinions. This self-described solver of practical problems listen well and speaks rarely but loudly. Spirit Plumber's cutie mark is a spanner in a circle. Physically, Spirit's pretty tall and gives the impression of having been at the sweets bin a little too often. Spirit's horn seems to be underdeveloped and indeed Spirit barely ever uses magic (and is self-admittedly lousy at it).


Very little to speak of. Spirit Plumber doesn't seem to have anything remarkable in the way of a past, and although obviously well traveled, hasn't been a participant in any major events.

Other Info

Spirit Plumber is suspected to have a crush on Derpy Hooves, on grounds of having been observed to display uncharacteristic clumsiness while working when she's around.

Spirit Plumber gets along well with Applejack on a worksite, but the two tend to stay away from each other in social situations after having figured out that they get into very loud arguments. The two once had a fence-planting competition that ended with Applejack in the lead and both passed out from exhaustion.

Real Life

Spirit Plumber contributes to the fandom by operating and, as a day job, builds drones and drone accessories.

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