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Spritz is a student of Canterlot High and a light grey Earth Pony.

Spritz Silverwater

Spritz as a human

Spritz as an Earth Pony

Kind Human/Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Student
Eyes Ice Blue
Mane Light Grey and Blue
Coat Off White
Cutie mark
Something Snow related
Owner Aniju Aura


Spritz has very pale skin and ice blue eyes. His hair is a light grey with a streak of blue on the right side. Spritz weres a cool grey shirt and constandly wears a clothe around his body. When asked about it, he claims it was the flag of his people, something he actually heard an Albino Lady say about her scarf. As a pony Spritz takes the form of an off white Earth Pony.

Spritz can control ice and because of this, his skin is cold to the touch. He keeps this a secret and the clothe helps to keep him warm.

Spritz is quiet and doesn't like being the centure of attention and doesn't like interacting with other people. He keeps to himself, likes to make things with string or paper. Spritz response in short sentances if he response at all, making it difficult to bully him. He doesn't get reactions so well or express emotions, unless he is ingaged into what he is doing. He doesn't talk much unless the conversation's topic is something he knows about, which is usually related to his limited interestes.


Prefering to stick to himself, Spritz didn't make an effort to interact with the other students of Canterlot High. Instead he kept mostly to himself, that is untill Chase started bothering him. At first it started off as simply as being picked on, however Spritz didn't act the way Chase would have liked and so this turned into somewhat of bullying. After awhile, during the events that Sunse Shimmer caused, the school became over-run by Changeling students from Equestria, and a shadowy creature named Seatao trapped all the students inside the school. During this time, Spritz and Chase finally became friends, when Chase told him his constand harrassment was a cry for friendship. Later Guillotine claimed Spritz and Chase as his new "friends" and this time Spritz made the effort to befriend Catnip, Trance, Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter. His ice control powers became helpful during their adventures that followed. Spritz doesn't think Seatao is evil, however everyone doesn't seem to share his veiws.


  • Spritz name is entirely water related, Spritz being a fast movement of a liquid, and silverwater meaning shimmering waters.