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Spy Unicorns: Trouble In Ponyville


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Main Setting

Ponyville, Equestria


Serina Charades, Red Lugnut, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Spike





I sat on my grey/blue-ish cloud in my office at the CSP's head base in Canterlot. A knock on the door came from an unknown source and I said, "Come in." The door creacked open and one of the head ponies, Blue Ray, head popped up.

"May I come in your highness?" He asks me.

"Yes you may enter." I assured him. Blue Ray trotted towards me and and sighed.

"You're highness, it seems that we may need to move the whole base to Ponyville, near the Everfree Forest, again," Blue Ray informed me and I almost dropped the feather I was writting with.

"But, doesn't her highness know about him?" I ask him sternly.

"It seems that she is well aware of that problem and wants us to personally take care of it," Blue told with dismain.

"I barely got out of the castle alive! We need to take deep measures if the whole CSP base will be moved to Ponyville once again," I ended the topic.

"Yes your highness. Shall I inform her highness Celestia?" Blue Ray asks me.

"Yes. Inform her as fast as possible so we can get packing."

"Alright your highness. I will be leaving." Blue Ray trots back to the door.

Before he could close it, I shouted, "Wait. Tell Sable Perplex to come here. I need to give her a special assignment." Blue Ray nods his head in response. A minute later, Blue was gone and Sable was now in my room, present.

"Yes your highness?" Sable asks hyperly.

"Sable, you need to go and infiltrate the Enmity Organization! I need you to pack up things you may need and go as fast as you can to sign up to join them. This may be the most dangerous task I have ever given you and I want you to not contact CSP at all when you think someone may be watching you or on to you. You understand?" Sable nods he head as a 'yes, "Good. Now, start packing." Sable nods and trots away.

I hope my plans all work out when we go to Ponyville.

Chapter 1