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Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation Final
Standing Ovation

Baby Standing O
Baby Standing Ovation

Pony Default Anonymous

Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Musical Theatre Performer
Eyes Moderate cerulean
Mane Light brilliant yellow
Coat Light gray
Nicknames Standy, Ovation, Ovi (pronounced: Oh-vee)
Relatives None on file
Residence Manehattan, Neighagra Falls(formerly)
Cutie mark
Theater masks

Theatre Masks

Theatre Masks
Owner Standing Ovation

"The show must go on..."

Standing Ovation is unicorn pony born and raised in Neighagra Falls but currently residing in Mainhattan. He spends his time in the Manehattan Theatre community performing in most of their productions. While he doesn't consider himself a leading pony he does find himself near the top of the playbill. Known well for his singing, acting and dancing skills he is considered to be a triple threat.

One more advantage he has over his competition is the use of his magic to change his appearance to fit certain roles. This includes but isn't limited to: Real looking wings, hiding his horn and basic levitation (to simulate flying). All of these spells are a strain on him and he can only maintain them for an hour or so. Usually taking a break during intermission to get some strength back.


Standing Ovation is generally a good natured pony. He is passionate and dedicated and it is reflected in his work. He can be a bit stubborn, especially when things aren't going quite as planned. And if things aren't working long enough he tends to start to doubt himself. He prides himself on his focus, but that same focus can also leave him to neglect his friends when he is involved in a project. Of course, when he realizes what he has done he is deeply apologetic and works very hard to make it up to them. Even though some of his performances have garnered him some spotlight he doesn't let it inflate his ego. To him modesty is the first rule of professionalism.


Humble Beginnings[]

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