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Star-Song is claimed to be "The most beautiful unicorn in Equestria" by Blues. Song seems to be gentle and not afraid of dirt, some how part of Applejacks family (Cousins), and willing to work 'til the sun goes down. Blues has a crush, therefore a hudge crush on Song, hes scared to ask her out though, maybe one day he wont be so skittish. Star-Song has a serious life and learing new things everyday, not very much about magic. She learns her magic from Twilight Sparkle but seem to not understand most of it, and is startled when Spike comes out because her horn twitches (she thinks she might be alergict to dragons.) Her cutie-mark is a Star and a musical note. She has a telescope and looks in it everynight. One of the stars she calls is named "Starlett" and reminds her of Blues. She sometimes fakes a smile around Blues because she is worried about making a mistake around him, she thinks if she does he wont like her, but he likes her even when she's going through serious stuff and has to kill, but unfortunetly, she seems to go through everything at once!

How did it go with Blues?[]

I know what your thinking, "Whats gonna happen with Blues and Song? O_O" well, not just quite ready for the moment to happen. Come back later to find out. She has quite a story with Blues. Heres just a hint: Filly.

Random quotes[]

"Oh stallion, what are we gonna do with you?" Talking to Scootaloo from CMC

"...your kidding? Your kiddin' right?" Suprised when talking to Blues about his feelings for her

"UGH I'm sick of apples, can't we grow strawberries? sheesh!" Complaining about having to grow apples