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Star Catcher
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Map Maker
Eyes Blue
Mane Light Blue With Pink and Dark Blue Highlights
Coat Light Purple
Nicknames Star Catcher (Preferred)
Princess Star Catcher Sparkle (Full Name
Relatives Twilight Sparkle (Mother)
Flash Sentry (Father)
Jade Shine Sparkle (Sister)
Cutie mark
Star Catcher Cutie Mark

Star Catcher Sparkle or Star Catcher, is the daughter of Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle. Star Catcher also has a sister namedJade Shine Sparkle.


Star Catcher is a sassy pegasus who has no time for responsibilities. She doesn't call her self a "Princess" just a Sparkle. Star Catcher grew up in her twin sister's shadow, who was constantally praised by her parents for learning spells, even becoming an alicorn eventually. As a result, Star is jelaous of her sister, but still loves her dearly.


Star Catcher has absolutly no patience for any pony besides Jade. She is very strong and will beat up a pony just for looking at her the wrong way. Even though Star may seem scary, deep down she is still a big softy who just wants people to notice her.


Jade Shine Sparkle[]

Jade is one of few people Star Catcher has patience for. Star Catcher cares deeply for Jade, willing to do anything for her twin sister.

Shaggy Scarf[]

Star Catcher one day travels there in order to address a complaint from some ponies about a mysterious figure. Star had finally tracked down the figure, finding a stallion named Shaggy Scarf. He is very annoyed by her as she tells him to leave. The two end up getting lost and go through a challenge of survival in the north. Shaggy and Star end up bonding over the course of their trip and fall in love. After many years of dating, after Jade became an alicorn, Star Catcher becomes pregnant. The two soon wed and she gave birth to a beautiful foal named Samantha nicknamed Sammy.

Cutie Mark[]

One day when Jade and Star were fillies, they got lost in The Everfree Forest. Star Catcher used the stars to find the way back, earning her cutie mark as a map maker.



  • She was adopted from Skyheart-bases
  • Star is afraid of crabs