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Star Horn Ponies are a rare type of unicorn ponies that have stars on the tip of their unicorn horn.


Star horn unicorns originated from Star Haven. From there, they help grant ponies' wishes any way they can. They don't grant greedy or violent wishes though and tend to ignore those.


Star horn ponies started off as a clan of unicorn ponies who lived far in the sky. Most of their magic was considered 'useless' because in Star Haven, all type of unicorn magic (except Alicorn magic and the Elements of Harmony) couldn't be used in the galaxy for some reason. So once they figured out that star magic was very powerful and helpful, they began to infuse some star magic into their horns.


Star horn ponies use a special type of unicorn magic called "Star Magic". Star magic is very useful in Star Haven and can be found from left over meteorites/stars that fall form the sky that create 'star dust'. If a pony can use the star dust with the right amount of unicorn magic, it can be turned into "Star Magic" and the unicorn can use the star magic temporarily. One pinch of star magic can last for at least half an hour.

Star magic can also be granted on a pony if a Star horn pony touches their horn with another standard unicorn horn. This is temporary as well since star magic can only be obtained permanently if they are a star horn unicorn themselves or if they are appointed as a member of the royal star horn family.

Known Star Horn Ponies[]