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Starlight Clickster

Starlight Clickster

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Technician
Eyes Strong orange
Mane Strong orange
Coat Deep magenta
Very light raspberry muzzle.
Nicknames Clickster,

Traitor (The Elements of Love)
The tech geek.

Cutie mark

A silver computer mouse with a gold sparkle.
Owner User:Absolzoey and User:Pixdeen
Starlight Clickster is protective and mean female purple unicorn pony from Ponyville. Starlight lives in the Everfree Forest with her friends. She is the arch nemesis of Diamond Gamer. Starlight is part of the Elements of Hate and wields the Element of TBA.



Starlight has a very protective personality, though this mainly accounts for herself. She is selfish, and doesn't care what other ponies think. When not with the ponies she does see to be her friends, she spends her time alone on her laptop, or working at the electronics store.


Starlight has a deep purple coat, with a light pink muzzle. Her mane is brown and most of it is tied in a bun. She also has a semi-sort tail.


Starlight had a hard life as filly being in foster care and such she was never really accepted in her own family. As the years went on it got easier for her because she had a nice foster mum and good friends. Starlight had one year left of school to complete when she moved to Ponyville and then that's when she found Diamond Gamer to be her best friend. But things all went wrong sooner than Starlight and Diamond thought it would.

Powers and abilities

Starlight has little next to none magical ability. There are not many spells she can perform without draining herself of all energy and power.
Though, when wearing her elemental necklace, her power increases to that of a top level unicorn, making her able to perform shield and attack spells.


Diamond Gamer

When Diamond moved to Ponyville, she still had 1 year of education left to complete. At school she met Starlight, and they had their ups and downs but mainly had a good relationship.
A week after graduation day, Diamond invited Starlight over to Diamond and Xethon's house, without telling Xethon. Xethon had already made plans for the ponies from the band "Bastille" to stop over while Heart Blaze and company cleaned up their tour bus after a little incident...
When Starlight entered the house, Xethon immediately questioned Diamond as to why "this other pony" was here, while Starlight saw the ponies from Bastille standing in the living room of the house.
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" I'll show them all! Her secret is no longer safe!"
- Starlight Clickster
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