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Starry Meadows


Starry Meadows


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark

Cerulean flower/star design

Image Notes

Image hand drawn by character creator. Colors a little dimmer than intended. The picture was taken in low lighting.


Starry Meadows (Often simply called Meadow) is an Earth Pony with a light blue body, a cerulean mane, and blue eyes. She can be a somewhat awkward when meeting new ponies. However, she's always looking to make new friends. In truth, she fears being completely alone. She questions herself often, but tries to keep a strong, confident face to the outside world. A little on the sarcastic side, she has a quick wit and a good- albeit offbeat- sense of humor. Though lazy at times, when she sets her mind to something she'll do everything in her power to do the best job she can. She's motivated by an intense desire to learn about the world and help the creatures that inhabit it, and she's mostly driven by her emotions. She's definitely a dreamer, and can often be found just gazing into space, lost in her thoughts. Someponies may think her a bit odd, but that doesn't bother her terribly much. As long as ponies aren't overtly hostile or rude, she's always courteous. Overall, she's a very genuine, warmhearted pony. She loves to sing, dance, read, tell stories, and wander the natural areas around Ponyville.


This Earth Pony was born to a fairly average, middle class family. She was raised to hold herself to high standards, to take the high road, and to be always be kind and understanding. Granted, that isn't always easy- she doesn't get angry often, but boy when she does, watch out! In school, she recieved high marks, no doubt due to her inquisitiv​e nature and desire to learn. She has two sisters, who both sell wares they create- one, a jeweler, the other a textile and clothing designer. She lives by herself in a loft above her own store, where she sells books and various odds and ends like candles, crystals, and herbs she collects from the woods and fields.

Other Info

Starry Meadows sometimes envies the magic of unicorns and the flight of pegasi, but she feels that earth ponies have a magic of their own waiting to be discovered. Also, she may not be as smart as Twilight Sparkle, but she has her fair share of interesting and/or obscure information she's picked up over the years.

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