Strawberry Yogurt

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Strawberry Yogurt is a Pony girl named after Frozen (or regular) yogurt. An item which she just happens to really really like.


Strawberry is a light pink pony with big red, pink colored eyes. She has two small eyelashes with a big black marking like eyelash at the bottom of her eyes. She is often seen frowning, or with a calmed expression.

Strawberry Yogurt is in love with scarves, she is always wearing one and changes them to match either her mood, theme, or holiday. She wears a small purple rabbit hairclip, but often switches this for small black X shaped clips. She also has a couple of small piercings and wears usually black, white, or gray outfits. Strawberry also happens to have a hidden love of things like maid uniforms (Something black with dark frills, basically.) As she is a Gothic Lolita fan.

Another noticeable feature would perhaps be her small glasses, which she has revealed to not actually need them. She just likes to wear them.


A multi-purple colored heart with small dots lining it. She took longer then the ponies she grew up with to get her mark and soon gave up on achieving such a goal. But when she proved to really care for others after saving someone, her mark soon appeared.


Strawberry Yogurt 2

I based the pose from a screenshot of Rainbow Dash.

She is hard to figure out. Keeping to herself this female pony has made it clear she prefers to be alone and likes to work alone. When forced with others, it doesn't blow over well... Because of this the others assumed her to be cold and uncaring. This however caused her to act like a total jerk to them and make sure they stayed away from her.

Somehow it was revealed she was very lonely and after this, a few others felt sorry for her and tried to befriend her. This worked until Strawberry found this out, currently her closest friend seems to be a little gray cat named Sophie. Strawberry hides her true feelings usually at all times, when she says she wants to be left alone. What she really wants is for the person to stay and be with her. She is easily angered and sarcastic, but can turn into a total softy when attraction or affection is thrown at her. She considers this a life threatening weakness...

Strawberry also happens to really like singing.


  • She likes the night and looks up/admires Princess Luna.
  • She is attracted to both genders. But has made it clear she does not like the happy preppy types.
  • Her dreams: To find love, perhaps find a way to make new yogurts, to be known for her singing.
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