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Stella Blue
Kind Pegusus
Sex Female
Occupation Videogame designer and Cosplayer
Eyes Brilliant opal
Mane Very light arctic blue and Light brilliant yellow
Coat Vivid azure
Nicknames Stella, Eclipse, Zelda (by her close friends as a joke)
Relatives Mother: Autumn Leaves

Father: Unknown

Cutie mark

A generic purpleish videogame controller

Voice Vixen
Owner Vixen

Stella Blue is a female Pegusus pony. She is a cosplayer and videogamer/designer.


Stella had a fairly quiet childhood. She moved to Fillydelphia from Cloudsdale when she was about 5 years old. She spent the majority of her life living and attending school there until she was 14 when she moved to Ponyville. The move to Ponyville was the most impactful on her life since she missed all the friends she made in the city and she wouldn't get to see them as often anymore. But, Ponyville yielded even more friends and she soon grew close to Momo, a fellow pegasus fangirl. Nowadays, Stella goes to conventions with Momo and is currently working on completing her 2nd big videogame title.


Stella is usually fairly hyper and sometimes considered annoying or over-bering. She usually means well and is very sensative and hates letting other ponies down. Her laziness gets in the way of her talents (and so does Netflix x3) but she eventually pulls through with help from Momo.


Stella has the ability to fly like all pegasi. Since she's a cosplayer, she has an advanced knowlage of sewing. She is also a very skilled gamer; excelling at 1st person shooters and RPGs.




14 - 2

Stella Blue Image Gallery


  • Her name was origionally just Stella
  • Her cosplaying alais is Eclipse and she posts her pictures on websites like DevianArt and Tumblr
  • She used to have a gradiant on her muzzle and hooves