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Stephanie and Stella
Stephanie (left) Stella (right)
Kind Earth
Sex Mares
Occupation Singers/Musicians
Eyes Vivid Rose (Stephanie)

Strong heliotrope (Stella)

Mane Strong amber (Stephanie)

Light brilliant indigo (Stella)

Coat Light brilliant amaranth (Stephanie)

White (Stella)

Nicknames Steph, Annie (Stephanie)

Ella, Stell (Stella)

Relatives Themselves
Cutie mark
Microphone (Stephanie)

Guitar (Stella)

Owner User:Astralfleur

 Stephanie and Stella are sisters who are popular singers or musicians in Canterlot. 


Stephanie is a singer, while Stella is a guitarist. They band together and they bring music in Canterlot. Stephanie always talks about their fame, or their rank, while Stella always don't mind. 

Stella made a mistake one time, she forgot to change a guitar string. Resulting while in the concert; she plucked the unchanged one and broke. The ponies began to 'boo' and throw tomatoes at them. 

Stephanie always points out Stella's flaws.