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Storm Bringer

Storm Bringer, the Pony of Chaos


Storm Bringer





Cutie Mark

Arrows of Chaos


Storm Bringer is known for maniacal laughter, singing in a wordless croon that changes with his moods, and being surrounded by a black aura when using his magic. He seems to become more energetic around other ponies, getting more and more active even as they are exhausted. His appearance often disturbs other ponies.


Found in The Chronicle of the Black Horse.

Other Info

There are numerous rumors about Storm Bringer. He is said to be both a destroyer and defender of ponykind; despite his cutie mark, stories have been told of his service to the Lords of Law; he acknowledges Celestia as ruler, but may have also acted on behalf of Luna when she was Nightmare Moon. One legend even has it that he is older than the princesses as well as the country of Equestria, but this is plainly ridiculous.

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