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Storm is the oc of Adela P, age 14.

Storm Spectrum is a pegasus pony from cloudsdale, who later moved to ponyville after crash-landing during a flight. Storm is commonly known by the nickname "Skiddish" because of her shy and moody behavior.

Storm's life[]

My name is Storm Spectrum. I am a pegasus. Almost everyone in my family was a unicorn except my great grandpa, who was a pegasus too. Unfortunately the pegasus trait was passed down to me, but due to the amount of unicorns in my family I was born with a deformity. My wings are quite small, so I can’t fly as fast or as far as the other pegasi. I always enjoyed drawing and creating things. I always had great ideas. But nobody appreciated them. I felt alone; like I was different from everypony. But I shrugged it off and went on with my life. I practiced my flying every day, but I wasn’t getting any better. One day during dinner at my house my dad got angry at me because I had a bad grade in gym class due to not being able to fly as well as the other fillies. He didn’t believe my excuse though, and the next day at school everyone was picking on me. But I wasn’t the only one. They made fun of scootaloo too, who later became a good friend of mine. She couldn’t fly at all. I felt fed up with everything and everyone, so I flew away from home. By flying I tried to show ponyville what I could really do. Before long I ended up in Fluttershy’s garden, where I had crash-landed soon after I took to the air. Fluttershy invited me inside and took care of me since I had broken my wing when I landed. She taught me that doing what everyone else could wasn’t important, and that I should focus on things I’m good at, the way she did since she too was a weak flyer just like me. Since I had always loved to draw and create things, that’s how I got my cutie mark, 3 paint splats, to represent my creativity.