Stormy Water

Stormy Water(Without her trademark fangs)

Stormy Water is a My Little Pony OC owned by DeviantArtist Flare2266.


Stormy Water(or Storm for short)is a very dark grey mare pegasus with emerald eyes.Blue stripes streak her mane and tail.She also(in RPs only)possesses large metal fangs that jutt out of her mouth.


Stormy Water is a mad pony.She was born in a cloud kingdom to the Northwest of Ponyville called Cloudainia.She was the daughter of the Alicorn ruler,Princess Medallion.Her father was Thunder,a large black Pegasus Stallion with a lust for power.One day,before Storm was to be crowned princess,she was brutally raped by her father.Then,the reign of Nightmare moon occured and Princess Medallion was killed by her husband.Storm was there to witniss it.She was then chased out of her home.After a week of hiding,she met a young Barn Owl named Soar,who taught her to fly as a thank you for Storm saving her life.Now,Storm and Soar run an inn located near the Forest.


Storm is very hostile to anyone she meets,but she has a soft spot for Barn Owls.She is trained by Soar to use Barn Owls to help her in combat,and is referred to as the "Owl Pony."She is somewhat racist to other pony types,except alicorns,because she has a friend and a boyfriend who are a both alicorns.Due to her being raped,her mind is mainly twisted and filled wih anger and hate.

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