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Strawberry Delight

Strawberry Delight
Strawberry Delight - The Sweet One

Strawberry Delight - Human Form
Strawberry Delight's human form

Kind Ixhelcan Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Baker
Eyes Pale, light grayish malachite green
Mane Pinkish gray
Coat Roseish white
Nicknames Berry
Relatives Blueberry Delight (older sister
Raspberry Delight (younger sister)
Magic aura Light arctic bluish gray
Cutie mark
Two pink and red strawberries
Owner Usernamebanner

Strawberry Delight is a female Ixhelcan Pony baker and one of the Ixhelcan Mane Six.


Strawberry Delight, simply known as "Berry", is dubbed as the 'Sweet' one of the group. She loves baking and always comes up with a new recipe. She comes from a family known for their delicious treats. She works in her family's cafe called 'Berry Cafe'. She has a younger sister and an older sister named Raspberry Delight and Blueberry Delight respectively.

Physical appearance

Strawberry Delight has pinkish gray mane and tail which she ties into neat braids. Her mane braid is tied with a lime-colored bow with a strawberry on the middle while her tail braid is tied with lime-colored bands. She has roseish white coat and pale, light grayish malachite green eyes.

In Equestria Girls form, Berry wears the IPA official uniform, with her bow, skirt and part of her shoes colored red. The other part of her shoes are colored exactly like her eyes.


Strawberry Delight is a kind and compassionate mare who is friendly with everyone. She is also very sweet and generous. She likes to hang out with her friends, but gets irritated when they bug her too much, especially when she's baking.