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  • Strawberry Spice by Darkly Cute
  • AMAZING drawing done by Starlight Spark
  • Strawberry Spice and Trilby Shades
  • Strawberry Spice done in MS Paint with a mouse
  • Drawn by a friend for the lulz
  • Strawberry Spice and Moonlight Shimmer


Strawberry Spice is an earth pony, she's very kind to most others, but has a hard time being nice to those who are not nice back and usually ignores them.

She can get over-enthusiastic and carried away with something she likes (Obsessions), but will often attempt to correct her self when some other pony points it out to her. She wears a hairpin, yet she absolutely hates frilly and flashy things, being a lot more tomboyish than she appears. She'd rather die than wear a dress or use makeup.

Her overall personality is kind, she smiles a lot, but is usually very calm. Though when you start talking about something she likes to her, she often jumps in and takes the conversation over completely. Her current hobbies are growing strawberries (it relaxes and calms her), hanging out at friends houses and chatting, and lying around outside in the sun.

She loves the warm sunny weather, but she absolutely love thunderstorms, the lightning fascinates her and she loves feeling the rain pouring down on her coat.

She envies Pegasus' for being able to fly, always wishing for her own wings to be able to feel the rush of darting through the clouds.

She got her Cutie Mark as one of the last in her class, loving to plant fruits, especially strawberries.


Grew up in a small town with her parents, moved out at a young age to follow her dream of going to Canterlot and owning one of the largest Strawberry Fields and shops in all of Equestria. But after traveling alone for almost a month to reach the famous city, she stopped at another town.

The ponies there welcomed her with open arms and she planned on staying for a few nights to try to get her thoughts together, but ended up stayign for a lot longer.

Ever since she was young, she's always had problems with high altitudes, something the doctor ponies told her had to do with her lungs nto being able to get enough oxygen. Her body would often pass out to save oxygen when she was exposed to the high-altitude air for too long

Other Info

She's really good at growing Strawberries, okay at other fruits, but not so much with vegetables.

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