Streakflare is an OC featured in a fan fiction called The Pegasus of Fire.

She is a pegasus, who can fly at a considerable speed of 700 mph. But her ultimate talent is to summon and control fire. She can just shoot a jet of fire from one of her hooves. She also can use them to make fancy but deadly moves. Such as Scorch Flare, which shoots four flames, one four each hoof. Fire swirl, which is essentially a fiery tornado. Incinerating the Sky, which sets every cloud in a half kilometre radius on fire, but however, it drains plenty of energy. And most destructive, Blazing Shock Wave, which is a deadly shock wave which sets everything below it which it passes, ablaze. However, how far it will go depends on her altitude, the higher she is, the shorter its range becomes. It also drains enough energy to make her pass out if she doesn't have full energy.


Streakflare is impatient, adamant and stubborn. But she also is quite modest, and can be soft hearted at times. However, if she does lose her temper, than it'll be crazy. But the good thing is she cools of quickly.

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